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  • Stephen Shane

    This is valuable feedback! You're a long-time Discord user who cares about the platform. Here's how you can make your voice heard:

    Report the Slowness:

    • Official Discord Support: Discord has a support portal where you can report bugs and performance issues. Search for "Discord Support" online or use the app to find the option. The more details you provide about your experience (Windows version, Discord version, etc.), the better they can investigate.
    • Discord Feedback Subreddit: The subreddit r/discordapp is a community for Discord users. There's a "feedback" flair you can use to share your experience with the community and potentially reach Discord staff.

    Mobile App Crashes:

    • App Store/Play Store Review: Leave a review on the platform you downloaded the app from (App Store or Play Store) mentioning the crashes you're experiencing.
    • In-App Feedback: While less common, some mobile apps have built-in feedback options. Check the app settings to see if Discord has one.

    BOT Programming Concerns:

    • Discord Developer Portal: The Discord Developer Portal is where you find resources and documentation for building bots. Check to see if there are any recent changes or known issues related to bot development. You might also find a forum section to discuss challenges with other developers.

    Expressing Hope:

    • While reporting issues is important, letting them know you still value Discord is great. Consider mentioning your hope for improvement in your feedback reports.

    By following these steps, you can make Discord a better platform for everyone.

  • FleeceComrade

    is this not discord support…?
    EDIT: Stephen Shane isnt even real. joined literally 4 days ago…


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