Please Implement HDR (.jxr) Image Embeds


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  • Not sure why this was downvoted, HDR is on the rise, it WILL be the standard, even if people without HDR screens currently or people that choose to not use it believe otherwise. The vast majority of games have been mastered in HDR since 2008 and the only thing that's been holding it back is, the gaming community as a whole, too many people take issue with HDR instead of taking the time to set it up (which is more than worth the effort) and then judge it based off how it looks out of the box… The only reason so many games can't be played in HDR as standard is because the devs don't add the options to set up tone mapping of their HDR master to anything but SDR, because of people that choose to live in the past denying the advantages of HDR.

    Here's an idea for people downvoting threads like this, don't give your take on things you lack proper knowledge on. Discord is supposed to be “for gamers” and yet is not keeping up with the gaming industry standards, they should be embarassed tbf, 25mb upload limits without paying in an age of 4k+ screenshots that go up to like 50mb easily, lack of any HDR support, constantly breaking HDR causing people using HDR to have to swap between the stable and PTB clients…  It's atrocious, get it together Discord.


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