Recovering Lost account through mobile phone


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  • Dennis Leon


    I understand the frustration of not being able to access your Discord account due to the lack of email access. It seems like a missed opportunity not to have a phone number recovery option. However, there might be a way to recover your account using your phone number. Here’s a method that could help:

    Launch an incognito browser window to ensure a clean session.
    Navigate to Discord’s login page at
    Enter your phone number and select the option to HealthCare gov log in with your phone number instead of an email address.
    Click on ‘Forgot Password’ to initiate the password reset process.
    Follow the instructions received via SMS to reset your password.
    This process should allow you to regain access to your account without needing access to your email. 

    I hope the information may helps you. 




  • Kozuch5 Sp

    thank you for your response, however this method you provided won't work. After typing SMS code, discord sends password reset link to an email.


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