Mobile app changes


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  • Killer

    PLS DISCORD BRING BACK THE PREVIOUS DMS TAB BACK ! this new updateis very disappointing . 

  • Red

    Hard agree, this is so awful. Putting the DM icon up in the corner for mobile is a horrible design decision. It's not the desktop client, it doesn't need to be up there! It's so inaccessible now and feels terrible.

  • Dunc Graham

    Truly unbelievable decision. I have never been so angry about an app update in my life. 

  • Tasch

    Agreed. My shift is starting and I am choosing to upvote and comment on these threads to make sure they get seen, rather than feed myself. It's that bad. Please restore the messages tab!

  • Kenji

    It’s awful, I hate it. I want this one back.⬇️

  • Creed

    I am making a point to comment on every thread.. Please give users the autonomy to customize the bottom navigation. Each user has their own individual needs which would be supported by implementing such. 


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