Restore the Messages tab


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  • Red

    I agree with you completely. This shows such a complete lack of understanding of mobile users, and a lack of caring what is actually usable. Not even giving the option to keep it as it was is beyond belief. I don't usually care about mobile app changes that much, usually changes just take some getting used to, but Discord DMs make up a significant portion of my phone usage and this makes it so painful to use and not in a “this will get better” way. This is just incomprehensibly bad.

  • Pwootage

    This is particularly annoying as a moderator, having to hop between a DM and a server that is towards the bottom of a list of dozens of servers is very annoying.

    Platform consistency is a big deal. I get it. I'm sure there a lot of very angry people complaining about things being moved. Heck, I'm technically one of them right now. Making everyone happy is a very difficult thing to do… But it seems like this one would be an extremely easy setting to add, while you're adding the swipe-to-reply option, per your blog post. 

    Or even just have it in both places. It's not like you can't have two buttons that lead to the same screen.

    Discord is a great platform, so I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. This one just happens to personally hurt my productivity more than most changes.



  • Stormy Purdy

    It's an aggravating accessibility issue for me now - the message panel is too small to read on anything but the largest screens. Desperately hoping they revert it or make it a toggleable setting.

  • Tasch

    I agree so hard. Cannot express how jarring and unpleasant this has been. 


    Idk about the rest of you, but I also had to bump up the text size -- I don't even have any vision issues whatsoever. The overall UI just feels far more cramped and cluttered than before.

  • worMatty

    It makes no sense to test this feature extensively, roll it out, then a few months later roll it back. The whole point of testing over a prolonged period is to ensure it's a good idea. The fact it's being changed back now after so long raises big questions.

  • Cmccarthy1110

    Please bring back the "messages" tab or at least allow users to toggle the design layout they prefer. This is beyond frustrating and I've deleted the app.

  • Raakxhyr

    I am joining in on this thread as well. I hope they see this and the other posts. This design sucks.

  • Timothykossegi

    Please need the messages tab back

  • Creed

    Discord please give your users the autonomy to customize the bottom bar. Everyone has individual needs so this way users has the option to optimize their experience. 

  • Tim Broder

    Please bring it back 

  • Jjgrimm

    Pretty please give us our messages tab back 


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