Bring Back the Separate DMs Tab on Mobile


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  • Tasch

    Agreed agreed agreed! I keep trying to go to my DMS and muscle memory means I tap the notifications button instead. Removing the messages tab was a terrible mistake and means far more clicks to get to a core part of the app.

  • Red

    Agreed, this is such bad design for mobile users. I literally logged into my account on the forums for the first time ever, just to post/support posts on this. It's so, so bad and anti-user. I hope it changes very soon

  • worMatty

    I don't understand why Discord are going back to a worse way of using the app. Having the button at the bottom of the screen makes much more sense.

    • It's easier to press it because that's where your thumb is
    • Compared with having it at the top of the server list, it's always visible so you can see if anyone has sent you a message
    • You can switch back and forth between your messages and your current server without losing your place

    There are no good reasons for burying it in the server list. Muscle memory is a poor excuse compared to the many benefits of having it on the bottom bar. Anyone who says they switch between desktop and mobile and find the difference confusing must be lying as they clearly have the intelligence to adapt to an entirely different operating system and method of control.

    It's very frustrating because I defended the new UI when it was being tested and rolled out, as it was an obvious improvement. People understandably complained when the new UI was forced on them because change can be annoying. But there was never any legitimate criticism of this change, only upset. That had quietened down but now Discord are rolling it back out of the blue. It gives the impression of instability and impulsive, ill-thought-out decision-making. 

  • Cmccarthy1110

    Please bring back the messages tab or at least allow users to toggle between the layout they prefer. This is not user friendly and makes navigation very difficult. I have deleted the app.

  • Raakxhyr

    Everything that's been said is my agreement too. This sucks. Discord please put it back. The new DM page looks cramped, it's bad, it's better to tap on DM's at the bottom than reaching all the way up. Stop making it worse. 

  • cheesefreak

    absolutely agree, I don't really use servers which means that when it first changed, I could just ignore the server button, now I have to scroll up a list. making your UX worse for the sake of muscle memory, especially when it's been long enough that everyone has already unlearned it, is really confusing

  • Phoenixdesignskairos

    It should be an toggleable option the same way a toggle option for Swipe To Reply/Swipe To View Members should be introduced as Discord announced at the SAME TIME. It's not that hard, guys. Please. 

  • Kenji

    It’s awful, I hate it. I want this one back.⬇️

  • Timothykossegi

    I completely agree

  • Creed

    I wholeheartedly agree with everyone! It was so frustrating to enter the app to see the formatting had changed. Discord should give its users the autonomy to optimize their experience based off of their  needs, which should be in the bottom bar. Other apps have this function and it is amazing! They need to offer it for us as well so the side bar isn’t cluttered and difficult to navigate. 

  • darkdeath174

    Having a proper UI for quick access on mobile made me use DMs more on mobile.

    I went out of my way to rarely use it, but it being on the bottom as quick access made this feel like an actual chat app I wanted to use on mobile.

    Guess I'll just go back to Messenger as the main friend group chat platform. 

  • skyelight

    This change is absolutely horrendous and makes me no longer want to use discord DMs as they're more inconvenient and I'm forced to look at my servers while just trying to stay in DMs. I hope that one day Discord will realize that there's a difference between a desktop and mobile application.

  • benceb

    I complained when the new UI released, but the messages tab is objectively superior, please at least give an option to get it back..

  • Emily

    Very on brand for discord to finally make a positive change only to revert it 5 months later after everyone's gotten used to it 😑

    Please give us the DM tab back, at least as an option. I've been a discord user since 2016 and I've NEVER liked my DMs being in the server list.

  • nickwtn

    They are doing what feedback says to do

    “Over time, we heard consistent feedback that it makes it hard to mentally switch between mobile and desktop. Splitting Servers and DMs apart on mobile meant the people and places you care about live in different areas than they do on desktop! “

  • Richie

    The problem is, Discord just waited too long to change it back, which only gave people time to adjust to the new UI and then come to the conclusion that it's actually not so bad (although in some areas there's no denying absolutely awful changes that only made the app worse). Had the UI been reverted immediately following the outcry, people would have never had time to adjust, therefore people would have never come to like the separated DMs tab. However, people DID have time to adjust, therefore people DID come to like the separated DMs tab, and without any communication Discord then decided to (in their mind address the (already settled) outcry and) revert it.

    The other problem is, Discord doesn't like giving people options. It's their way or the highway. They're gonna implement something their way, and if you don't like it... well too bad.

    I guess it's a waiting game now to see if Discord re-reverts it, although personally I'm not holding my breath.

  • せい

    Extremely Strongly agree. 

    If the mobile and PC versions have different designs and need to be like the PC version, just make it accessible from both places. No need to remove one.


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