Long press home while in DMs to go back to last server/channel


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  • sikuaq

    I really like this idea! Currently, long pressing in your DMs does nothing, so I think it would be a neat addition.

  • Shade

    This is an innovative idea, but would require a tutorial to teach this feature. Useful!

  • SpiritMuse

    For me I can't even get to DMs by long pressing the home tab now, so it looks like they may have just removed that altogether.

  • Toomosin

    Yeah it’s sad to see they removed it, making it even more difficult. It’s almost like they don’t want us to use DMs. Especially because the home tab also doesn’t show a red dot if you have a DM, so if you don’t scroll the server list to the top every so often you’d have no idea there’s something there. 


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