How Discord can stop token loggers.


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  • Masonportman46

    Discord has more pressing issues like people losing their accounts for ridiculous rules they have managied to mess up their site. Yet you want more rules upon rules in place instead of satisfying the customers who use their site. Lol 

  • Toon

    Masonportman46, I've never heard of anyone getting banned for ridiculous reasons that does not involve some form of violation. This comes from someone who's owned numerous 30k+ member servers as well as managed servers scaling up to 100k members.

    Nonetheless, your reasoning is completely unrelated to the subject at hand. My idea was to help prevent account takeovers which is a very big issue within the platform. Nothing I mentioned imposes more rules if you took the time to carefully read what I said. All it does is utilize already existing technology within the platform and add extra security measures that'd have zero real world effect on you unless you either logged in from a new device farther away than where you usually would (ex. if you traveled to another city and logged in on a cousin's computer) or if you got breached.


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