Account compromised


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  • Steinar Elgen

    They don't really care about security risks on their platform.
    You can submit a ticket, but that will mostly go ignored, if not become automatically solved again, which is the same response to a ticket reported by many other users here.
    Not much you can do… And they defiently won't do anything.

  • Eira

    It's very concerning how they do not care about the safety of their users.

  • zfybrpvn


  • Eira

    Welp. They once again marked my ticket as solved even though my account is still tied to the scammer's burner email. I will not be giving up though.

  • Eira

    Wait until y'all see what Discord just said to me lol needless to say I am MAD.

    Yes, I'm submitting another ticket. I know these guys can do their job since my friend that got hacked got his account back within a matter of HOURS. I KNOW they can revert the changes on my account.


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