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  • Warrior

    Start making preparations for the anniversary of this post...! Let's hope they will add this feature to celebrate the occasion :)

  • jd_396

    It continues to be a popular topic...


  • OptionalJoystick

    @Minteck Your link is to this very post!

  • kari

    if we can have animated icons on nitro, i don’t see how bandwidth would be an issue for static icon changes per server. it would help out a lot in both gaming, role play, and professional servers. there are more pros a than cons here. come on, discord. give the people what we want!!!

  • Bobhigs

    How is this chain still going without any reply, I've given up on following, email spam too stronk

  • spoopyshqrp

    @Bobhigs actually since when I started following this thread, I got more or less 20+ emails

  • Re-Crix

    @TheLifeGamingYT 20+??? 20+. Try 200! I’ve gotten 200 from this request ALONE.

  • Warrior

    224 and counting. Make that 225 along with this comment. But let's not change the subject. WE WANT THIS FEATURE! How much longer do we have to wait, Discord? All other updates seem pointless when compared to this. I SMH and facepalm every time I read the updates. It's disgusting.

  • Artemis

    I would really love to see this as it would be personally nice to be able to alternate this. Also, it would be useful for Esports players and other organizations that need profile images as a type of professional appearance but also use other discord servers and don't want that image as the one they use in those misc servers. Additionally, it could be made a boosted server perk.

  • AnimusReach

    Come on, Discord, Really? It's been nearly a year now! Just DON'T make it a boosted server thing, please. C'mon, everyone wants this, how is it not implemented yet?

  • ninjasquirrel

    Please create!

  • skullshaped

    Hi Discord,

    I would love this feature.

    Love you,


  • Nabel

    We need it ! Please =3

  • wepps_

    Please add this functionality so that pics can be set accordingly for workplace servers or Xtreme Gaming servers.  Thanks!

  • Beansy

    This would be a really useful addition to the service! It's a great idea, please implement it Discord!

  • GrumpyGerman

    Hey Discord, now that you "Freed up" all those ressources by not offering games any more with Nitro, how about you make custom user pics per server a Nitro perk? 


    That would actually be worthwhile. (and an incentive to finally put this in)

  • Oriole

    This is pretty much the only feature that I've been waiting for since Discord launched, with every update that does not implement it my heart breaks a little... Come on, devs, please do this finally.

  • Yuri

    Please I need this. Take my money just give me this feature.

  • CryptoGeek

    Its a shame that this feature was not a part of Discord from Day 1. 

    However, given the reluctance from Devs to implement it even after 2100+ upvotes (and counting), I get an idea that incorporating this feature requires them to change something really fundamental with their software. 

    They obviously don't want to do that......too risky for such a stable platform I suppose. 

    I do hope they eventually implement it sometime in the future though. 

  • Spinoceros13

    I would love to have a different icon for my friend group server and others! I feel like people don’t appreciate my cursed Christmas bird in some servers...

  • Epicboss67

    I would love to have this too! It wouldn't be hard since we have different names for servers

  • Phronesis

    I am very sad to not see any official discord response on this subject. While I understand that these kinds of decisions are group decisions and thus can, and should, have deliberation, allowing users to to know the idea is being considered would be very transparent and appreciated. 

    I understand that many times this is avoided because it may seem better for a group's reputation to act as though it never knew of such a request then to have considered it and rejected it for reasons not accepted by the user base. But by choosing to not address the users, which include actual and potential customers of Discord Nitro, it can instead be viewed as deafness or incompetency. 

    I would highly urge for an acknowledgement of your awareness of this highly commonly requested feature. 

    Thanking you very much for your time and wishing you well, 


  • Angle or yuor Devil

    Yes... I'm in many fandom servers so this is a need. Changing profile pics per server should be like changing nicknames per server!


  • Beak

    I would love this feature. Please do this!!!

  • Matihood

    Definitely supporting this idea. I hope someone from the staff eventually gets to this and notices how strongly requested this feature is.

  • MemeLord

    I agree this would be very epic

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    I'm not a Nitro subscriber. This would be the feature that would get me to pay some money. If this feature were added for free or premium, I would subscribe either way.

    Edit: FYI, I'm also reporting this on behalf of someone from one of my servers.

    This would be great as a free feature, or for nitro subscribers, or for boosted servers. However you work it will be appreciated.

  • Omg I need this, recently I had a dilemma where I was afraid I'd get kicked from some strict servers because of a suggestive pfp I'd put on because of an inside joke in a group chat 

  • ichiidev
    Discord wouldn't do this yet i think, because it will cause them to review their manner of storaging datas and will increase the size of all datas stored in the guilds

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