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  • Fancy Oaf

    Even if you made this a nitro only option, I would totally pay for this.

  • Baz

    Yeah please add this.

  • Farrier

    This is THE most commented thread. There are a dozen or so still-open feature-threads with higher upvotes, but some are so silly I am convinced the votes must be being abused somehow. As others have said, this is an option that would get many of us to buy nitro.

    It's that important to us, we'd pay money, even for a limited number of slots. "Pick which of your 2 Nitro avatar slots you will show in this server. Buy extra slots at $N per year..."

    I get why this has not been done. Architecturally it's complex, because it means that every portrait request must be refactored to be accompanied by the id of the server.

    And how do you handle PMs, particularly PMs with someone that you share two servers with? Should avatars be given ratings, or rankings, so that it can show the lowest-(rated or ranked) portrait when multiple are available? Or should it just show the account's selected "default avatar"? Or should it show the "Discord default avatar" when unsure? 

    So, this is a hard problem. But it's a necessary problem to solve, and it doesn't need to be solved in one fell swoop: servers come first, next could come profile requests and PMs.

  • Izzy

    This is a free feature in Slack by the way. =(

  • Toreago

    Just throwing in my support for the idea

  • Mii Duncan

    i would buy nitro for this

  • Gör

    upvote. i am a moderator across different games and while it is great that i can change my nickname to match the game for that server, its annoying and inconvenient, and from a user's standpoint silly, that i am forced to have a different game as my profile pic when not moderating on that game ... especially all while being a Nitro user

  • BigWillie

    Add me to the list!!

  • SGMJanus

    This would be great for me.

  • winterz-


  • Psi

    They finally provided the ability for custom statuses, I have hopes this one might happen soon. There's a few ways this could be done implementation-wise.

    Have the option to set a "default" display picture, then have the option to set 2-4 more alternative ones (could be limited and increased for nitro users). Then once you've set those in your profile, you can select between them per-server. Even as a limited option, it still gives more options than there are now.

    Other option would be to literally have a one-to-one mapping between server and profile picture, this could also be limited, and extended for people with nitro. E.g. normal users can only have a different picture on 5 servers, and the rest remain as your default picture, Nitro get 10 or more or something.

    These arbitrary numbers and limitations would really depend on how these ideas are implemented on a technical level.

    For PM's you could display the default, or use whatever is based on mutual servers, if there's more than one mutual server - the person is already exposed to seeing the avatar you use on both of those servers, perhaps it could have a "slider" display that shows both, or simply picks whichever one was set first or something.

  • See you Space Cowboy

    I love this idea. I have people on Discord that know me by real name, character names, character avatar, or actual face based on the server I'm in. Being able to add my character's face along with the name for specific servers would make it so much easier to communicate and keep track of information. 

  • Γ Γ | LXMeNtal

    This is definitely a good idea. Loads of people would love this. If you happen to see this message, tweet at Discord to tell them how much this is in demand.

  • Dirigible Tomato

    This would be a fantastic addition, not only for customisation like nicknames, but also for allowing moderators and admins of servers to deal with user avatars containing NSFW or other content, which we currently have no protection against besides removing the user from the server. If an avatar is banned on a server, it should just show as no avatar, or allow certain roles to set it themselves like nicknames.

  • Zo


  • Izzy

    I had to unfollow because I get many emails per day from people commenting on this. 

  • Nimbi

    Definitely 100% NEED this!

  • oushizaryu

    A must please - would be amazing to have this! Late to the Party but now have more than enough servers to need this~!!

  • Koryuu

    I would gladly pay nitro for this feature.

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    Still following this thread. Still not buying nitro unless it includes this. Sure would like to see something happen or a response from the devs.

  • Matihood1

    And I'm still not buying Nitro EVEN if it includes this because I have 0 interest in any other feature it... features. I won't pay full price for 1 thing. I'd rather they had us charge for extra avatars separately if ever (especially since Nitro is a subscription service and I'd much, much rather pay more and keep something forever than pay for a subscription only have something for a limited time. This is also the reason why I'll never get Neflix or play WoW).

  • Laustia





    I guess I can try a different program to use to RP with, because, when I have 4 different campaigns with 4 different groups... and I'm playing 4 different characters....then using the same pic doesn't work at ALL. And trying to balance 4 different log ins works even worse! 

    FIX THIS.  please!? .... like... ASAP?


    Just do it 

    I´m in 2 communitys and one almost require me to have a profile picture off a hockey player from the Colorado avalanche.

    And the other one is a car sever and there I want a specific car.

    Plz add this I know it´s an easy quick thing to add

  • rmin

    Myself and others that I know would like this very much +1

  • Kingmiami

    I'm getting so many emails for this post and it's so obnoxious. Does anyone know how to disable these emails from discord?

  • Kingmiami

    NVM, my idiot brain didn't remember that i followed this post lol

  • Nomad

    It's obnoxious because Discord still ain't bothered to put it in yet... Even with all the support to the idea.

  • Xanaran

    I still think it would be a relevant feature, because as a roleplayer and gamer communities member it would be nice to fit in the themes visually speaking and not just in name. I see those who speak of workplace profile pictures and that is true too, it would grant us flexibility in our identity without conforming to a single place that would influence it everywhere else.

  • Solidsinek

    Discord pls we have custom nicknames for different servers but not custom profile pictures.

  • Twist the Leaf

    I would love this feature.


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