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  • +freez

    You mean pretty much like custom nicknames but with pfp.

    Seems fair tbh

  • Underscore

    This suggestion has already been submited here ^^

  • kirstie

    Yes please! It’s a definite need! We could host them ourselves if needed! Please just allow us to change them per server with the one email/discord account!

    I would love it for free but I’m also willing to pay a sub to have this feature!

  • Nitro77

    Honestly, at MINIMUM make it a Nitro feature... If it was a feature i'd have a Nitro subscription in a heart beat..

  • kanundra

    Yes please! we'd all really love this, from our more family and business servers to the more fun ones!

  • _Lucifer
    It is already suggested. Plenty of time.
  • breezett93

    I'm in several different servers for the various games that I play.  I'd love to be able to have a thematic picture for each server.

  • Izzy

    Yes please. There are many different types of communities that one person might be in. 

  • Erik🎮

    Please please please!!!  It'd really be nice to have a different avatar for work, and others for my personal gaming activities.

  • Wickett

    How many more times can I upvote this?



    (These seems like a good Nitro feature but also a basic necessity. If you were to offer, say a max of 3 different avatars for free accounts and infinite for Nitro, that seems ok.)

  • Dangel

    Is this still a thing? Because we need it!

  • Samdvich

    this is probably my most desired feature right now.

  • Orchestructive

    I don't wanna be the "It's 2019 how is this not a thing yet" person... but...

    It's 2019, how is this not a thing yet?

  • Keppra

    I would get Nitro for that feature.

  • Edwar Gameplay

    Por favor, Discord, todos necesitamos esa función, agréguela lo antes posible y todos te lo agradeceremos, por Discord The Greatest Community

  • Flashlight

    i need this, i had a furry profile picture but it caused a former friend tog et toxic again and ask for my brothers information because he saw the icon

  • R to the Ichie

    This cannot come soon enough!!!

  • slp0001

    PLEASE. My current avatar at the time of this post is for one RP chat I'm in, and I just joined another, and everyone there has an avatar of their characters besides me- I'd love to be able to be my character in both group chats!

  • Chris Ellis

    Yes, please!

  • justmutantjed

    I would enjoy this feature a lot. Great idea!

  • AcquaToffana

    Oh my god, yes, I would love for them to implement this feature for safety/comfort reasons, as well. I’m comfortable showing my face on smaller servers where I am friendly with/aware of everyone on the server, but on larger servers I tend to get uncomfortable messages from people I don’t know when I use my picture as my avatar. As an officer/mod for several groups who are looking for new members I can’t turn off messages from people I’m not friends with, because I won’t be able to let new people who are interested in joining contact me. Obviously the current solution is to use an avatar that isn’t me, but I would love to *NOT* have to do that just to avoid possible harassment on every single server I pop into.

  • Izzy

    This needs to be a thing. 

  • Alexis
    What would even be the point of it? Your profile picture is a user setting, not a per-guild setting.
  • Werepotato (reviving)

    this should be a thing

  • DqFT

    I would LOVE to see this added to discord - hopefully some devs see this and implement it.

  • ✪Sm0keY♫InLove♥

    I need this as well, my clan asked me to put a certain picture on discord, and i could really use a feature like this <3 devs implement it please it's not hard please <3

  • skipplydoodle

    Agreed. We NEED this!

  • somepersondontask

    It's basically where you can have different avatars for different servers while keeping your account avatar.

  • Valen~Sama

    Very nice suggestion (although discord storage would suffer).

  • Ancap Hunter Melissa

    Please make this! I really need this!


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