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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of , so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
  • gerd.

    I like this idea, I even drafted an image. In this, the yellow would be the Folder Icon, the Green, Red, and Blue would be the servers in that folder. when you click the yellow, (1st image), the green, red, and blue servers come out of the yellow folder smoothly and form a semi-circle. (second image) 

  • Maki

    please do this i beg

  • Maki

    im in way too many streamers servers and servers im just in for emotes

  • ZeroLelouch

    I have 100+ servers it is so hard to have them in order . I really want this.

  • Blu

    I am in 7 servers, but I still want this.

  • sschr15

    I got too many servers in my opinion. It'd be nice for me since I have many servers that fit under certain topics. Mine, for example, are all these servers (in the image) and are all for different groups on the same server. I think this feature would be nice.

  • JaninnaMaynz

    Yes! I just joined a few servers solely for the emotes, and that's all that the servers are for, too! The servers were made solely for the emotes! But now, I have so many servers that I'm in that I can't even see all of them at once! I don't know how to scroll through them beyond going to the bottom one and then the next one. This would be a very helpful feature!

  • Swifti

    Would love to be able to categorize servers for better organizing. I find myself creating servers and name them "-" to make it separate my servers into categories. Would love to just click a button and get all the servers that way instead of scrolling for miles. Please add this Discord!


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