Admin Icon - Give Admins a better way to identify themselves


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  • S0290

    Good suggestion, this suggestion must get through.


  • redstonedesigner

    Brilliant suggestion, this would be brilliant.

    Maybe even make it a permission for roles - Manage Badges

  • Cutz

    Great suggestion, completely supported over here.

  • KappaclysmicEvent

    Awesome idea! New badges, new permissions, new update. I really hope this gets through.

  • ♖ | Furkan
    Mükemmel! İstediğin kişiye şahsi olarak bir rozet verebilirsin.
  • LGA Code

    While this is a great idea that I fully support, I think that the number of roles you can apply a custom icon to should be restricted, to avoid abuse and performance issues both server-side as well as on client devices.

  • Wed Pamda
    currently (Version 9.5.1) it is a hastle to identify admins in servers unless you click to their mini profile, this would be a good thing to implement!
  • charitwo
    It would be easier if they made the crown easier to toggle back on and not have it rely on whether you have another role with the administrator permission or not, because it's not always overtly apparent if a role has such permissions
  • ImRoyal_Raddar
    I think It's going to be very helpful and very good look.
  • atlas

    We could take this idea even further and propose something more general: Badges. Like the HypeSquad et. al. badges that you have on your profile, but server specific that display under your username. There's currently wasted space under the username in the "Cozy" chat appearance, next to a user's avatar. Badges can go there.

  • Derrios
    This could look like the Nitro Boosting badge but with an extention in the cat. And so add an Admin badge and a Mod badge.
  • MonsterMMORPG

    Yes we should be able to set badges to roles. So people can distinguish the message owner role quickly.


    here example


    my games :


    my discords :

  • Persephassa

    I strongly support this idea.

  • nerim4n

    like Facebook, yes

  • Cordila

    Why isnt this a thing yet?

  • Gregarious Egg

    It is technically a Level 2 Server Boost feature, but with the introduction of custom role icons this was technically implemented.


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