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    I've requested something like this, but more general, just allow the use of custom emoji/images in usernames.
    Mainly to add the flags to usernames which is still unsupported on Desktop, but also for any other themed ways people want for their server. This doesn't need to be at the end, can be placed anywhere in username.

  • firemanjay

    The only "downside" I see with this; is that if a user has 100000 tags in a server and each tag has its own little icon (similar to like, teamspeak) and it shows up in chat; it will be visually overwhelming; but I suppose thats a discretionary flaw based on the server owner and their aesthetic taste; I like this idea though :D

  • _Dubrovski_

    @J. Blake The icon displayed will always be an existing icon of the highest role. So please don't forget to upvote the idea, not only follow it)

  • Chibex | UWU


  • The North Wind

    That would be immensely useful, in almost every server that I have administrative responsibilities in. It would allow me to let people choose whatever role colour they want, while making sure that the admins and mods are still easily recognisable.

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  • слава бэброу

    Канешна йа за, за токой крутай севрер!

  • Sladkiy

    Very nice!


  • Skwaleks
    Usefull for servers with lots of roles where normal roles can have same color as admin roles
  • Geebus

    I love it, it would also be very handy if you could use your server emoji's as icons as well to enable you to display staff roles/icons and such.

  • phencyclidine father
    Definitely a good idea and I would like to see it.
  • cyclohaxane
    Hopefully it comes out soon, cant wait to see this feature out.
  • pacblinky
    great idea as long we can active it and deactive from server settings
  • purpzie

    Tbh, this wouldn't be useful for most servers that are color coded, seems like another "i'm more powerful than you" thing that people would want. Though perhaps in servers where people can choose custom colors it would work well

  • クリス

    For the first part of your post, "Can you guys make it so roles have category of their own such as STAFF in it Owner, Admin, Mod, and etc," while it would indeed be nice for roles to have official sections, for the time being you can create dummy roles in between each group of roles to separate them. For example, here is a quick example I created.

    As for the second part, that is completely out of Discord's hands, but moreso in the creators of the bots you have on your server. If you have trouble with people abusing the commands of your bots, you should either switch to a bot that allows you to grant/deny command permissions to users or deal with those users. Hope this helps!

  • Scai

    This idea with custom icons for certain roles is awesome! I am thinking of something similar to Twitch Badges. If the Discord member is a veteran and has been on the server for a long time, the owner could assign him/her a veteran role and a custom Badge would appear next to his name. The role priority would come into play here of course, so if a member has 3 roles and only 2 of them have an icon "attached", then the one with the highest priority role would be displayed.

  • Alexandra

    See the problem is discord bots in most servers do all the moderating and most bots unfortunately do the same thing 

  • Alexis

    Well, owners may not want this. The "Owner" crown is too distinguish himself from the others. Admins don't need that to be honnest, and owner could choose it whether he wants to hoist/make admins special or not.

  • Fallian

    I really would like this to be implemented. It would help greatly, especially on larger servers. 

  • Torbjörn

    Honestly, why is this still not implemented? I’d love to see tags like this and custom icons similar to the server owner crown. Current solutions are janky and vary from server to server. An icon and tag system similar to TeamSpeak would be great. Obviously there would need to be some limits and a way to make them look great on both light and dark themes. Some servers still use white and light role colors which are impossible to read with the light theme — I could see similar issues with this too.

  • iNgeon

    This really needs to be a thing. Thousands of people have to make roles that basically do nothing but add flags\tags\badges\interests to display their game types\common interests\location\language\etc. I see it across hundreds of discord servers.

    So all that logic from roles for that, what a waste :-)

    Post from below is sort of related:

  • ||Jojo||
    I think this could be added to the chatwindow too, so you know when a admin /mod replied on a server. (could be something like the mobile indicator)
  • Demon

    I agree with the idea of custom administration-assigned icons for the server roles.

    That's one of the few features where TeamSpeak has an upper hand with its server/channel group icons and the ability to upload custom ones on the server.

    This addition would cover Discord in the area of customisability even further than it currently is.

  • Clofftai

    I think something like a star icon that is usually where the crown icon is (the one that indicates a server owner) would be a good idea.

  • ulti

    And to add to that, be able to distinguish certain permissions/moderators with that icon would be nice.

  • Martin The Great

    I think being able to add whatever Icon you want to a tag (Like teamspeak, there would still be "Default" icons) would be amazing 

  • Dann™
    Usefull for servers with lots of roles. A good idea and I would like to see it.
  • purpzie

    It should probably go to the side of usernames like the bot badge does


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