Cover Banners for Community Channels


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  • hexchenluna

    some colors for the headlines would be nice for eg blue the voice channels, green for only writing or others for theme groups.

  • Hellcat007

    This is an awesome idea! This’ll make my servers more enjoyable.

  • bearcat42

    So, I'm new here, still learning for sure, but the game that the server I'm involved with is playing is Warframe for the Switch. The guy that owns the server set up a contest to design the clan emblem which is actually uploadable into the game, ours was added in the last couple of days when DE did a hotfix update. I won the contest (I mean, I was also the only one that made anything, but still...) and made a fun lil logo that we're also using for our server logo image. 

    I'm a graphic designer by trade and my degree is in illustration, so it makes sense that I was the only one that made anything and provided the usable assets to my people on Discord. 

    In any case, my server admin has given me the title of 'Graphic Designer' in the server, I think partially as a goof but also cuz I've proved that that's actually what I do and it's something I'm willing to do for the clan for fun. 

    He's given me a new task now and this post is the closest thing to what I was looking for. He wants to make channel banners that incorporate the logo I made, I thought this would be a simple thing but it appears it may not be quite so straightforward...

    Do any of you have any advice for the implementation of such a thing? Copyright isn't an issue because it's my design and I'm building the banners as well. 

    I'm going to arbitrarily build them at 1080 x 200 for the time being, so I can work with my admin to at least get him the assets he wants, but after that, I'm not sure if they'll ever be super visible. I imagine they'd only be able to locked in place at the top of a thread at best. 

    Nelly's examples tho, that's what the eff I'm talking about, that looks so slick and would be visible enough within the server without buggering anything up or being ultimately useless once the page starts to scroll...

    I may be thinking about this all wrong, but any advice would be rad. 



  • Ahmed Bastaki

    That is a horrible idea

  • VADM JT Kerry

    A "Banner" is an old newspaper term that denotes the image and usuually the name of the newpaper at the top of the first page.  On a website, it is the top image placed on the Homepage or can be at the top of every page of the website, such as the image below:

    I think for the purposes of your program, people are looking for the ability to add an image at the top that may or may not convay a message to their group.  I like the idea, but would prefer an Administrative Message Panel - where I could type a message for the whole group, like a reminder to do something or upcoming major events in our communal game.  Something along those lines would be very useful.

  • 𝓟𝓪𝓬𝓴

    I would love that.

  • 👾Yoshino👾

    I think this would be a awesome Idea for server customization.

  • ominouscry
    First of all, I'd like to say that I absolutely love this idea, mock ups look awesome! This idea could be a potential replacement for current server banners, giving much more space to show off your cool artwork and it being a great addition to server customization. I hope they're gonna implement it at some point!
  • CallMeCarson2.0

    Hey discord i have an idea that might improve discord, maybe you could put an option for server to have a custom background like a different background that the server creator could add his/her own background from his/her picture library that might be cool

  • CallMeCarson2.0

    Like instead of the regular navy blue server chat background maybe you can choose to have you own costum one from like your pictures

  • Police
    Yes, please. Good feature. I would enjoy it :^)
  • Spud
    I like this feature I just feel like it my get in the way of the channel and be a bit distracting sometimes when you're trying talk in the channel. Maybe it could disappear after a while or there could be an option to hide it locally by right clicking on it.
  • frostyworks

    Honestly, this would be amazing, supporting this idea.

  • Saluki

    This would be a great addition to the system and an amazing way to spice up communities, as well as make them more unique.

  • jupiterb4dawn

    I would love to have the option to put banners on some of the more important channels in our server. I think it would be more eye catching than pins for the less discord-savvy members of the server


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