Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • binmelone

    Yes please Discord add this. And invisible for Friends too please so only some Servers can see that you are offline!

  • iodine

    This would be a very helpful feature as sometimes I do not want to appear online in certain servers + show my status.

  • Bunchaconch

    Echoing the sentiment here, as discord has positioned themselves as a place for multiple communities as well as for personal and semi-professional interactions it makes a lot of sense to have privacy settings that should be set on a server basis. Just seeing "Is playing <game foo>" outside of a friends only server seems very odd to me.

  • ratzy

    An obvious feature, along with status and avatar image pr server basis.
    2 years of users asking for these simple privacy options, no response from Discord. C'mon :)

  • Retox

    Look at the comment and upvote numbers here! Please, I'm dying to have this. I'll sub to Nitro for the rest of my life, I promise. :)

  • Trinsic

    I'd like that feature :)

  • God

    Please implement this

  • Edje

    I need this desperately as classwork goes online during the pandemic and I have to join servers for group projects

  • BlacKcuD

    You should stop lying then. Be honest with the people around you. I know it is hard. I am also a content creator and I get stupid remarks from people when they see I am playing a shitty video game instead of working on new content. But it's ok. Grow a spine and embrace these messages. It shows you that people care and if you can't stand it, you should stop hanging out with them.

  • TrixieBiscuits

    How is this basic privacy option not yet a feature?

  • Rodrigo Amaral

    This feature would be specially useful for those who use the same Discord account for games and for work/classes.
    You probably don't want to be online for both categories of servers.

  • Eloryan / Floby

    Ho yes i will vote. -1 For this nonsense topic
    Sorry man but that's silly 😐

    And btw, you must not advertise on someone else's topic !

  • Its Sydney

    OH yes please add this wonderful feature! One time I decided to block my friend and we were on a server together and it would be great if I can be invisible on her server and online on another server without that person and still be active and you can enable that in the group settings option on the top left!

  • Not much is keeping me on Nitro at the moment. However if this were included it would be 100% mandatory for me to have.

  • LimePotato



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