Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • ZweiCon

    So it's been 3 years since submission, any Discord staff would like to update us on the progress?

  • Mitor


  • Troy

    We use a discord server at work... sometimes I want my friends to know I'm online, but I don't want to be visible to people at work.

  • Alien Higon

    Please, we need this

  • zackpatrick

    I would suggest having a default option of falling back to your global settings unless you set a server to specifically have the content displayed. Sports Streaming Sites 


  • jpbnetley


  • RiZerman

    Want to be online for work, and offline for community groups.
    Now I have to use 2 different discord accounts to not getting spammed or missing important info outside workhours.

    Or make it able to switch accounts in Discord, or be able to change status on servers.

  • SirFalstaff

    Is there even anyone from Discord reading this? I just would love to know if it's in development, or even in consideration - or maybe it's just as planned and they don't want that feature for different reasons. Just a heads up would be nice. Team Discord - If you read this - thank you in advance for an answer.

  • Shrike

    This is a Feedback forum. Yes, they read these, usually in the form of aggregated data. No, they won't tell us if they're in development until they're either released or close to release. This is very normal in the tech industry, and has some legal reasons. The amount of feedback does help them prioritize features, but it's not a 1:1 comparison, since complexity and feasibility also play a part. So it's not worthwhile complaining about Discord in these threads, but it very much IS worthwhile to post here saying you also want this feature.

  • Yetster/Madrox

    this would be incredibly useful for me as i have work and gaming discord groups and dont want to be constantly saying "sorry i can't i am at work" so to only be online in the servers i choose at any time would be great

  • Silver4life

    Please, implement.

  • Twillij

    My work also uses Discord and I don't want them seeing, then questioning me why I have a game open sometimes. I have some down time here and there waiting for a response from some other team and I like to keep the game open so I have something to do in those down times. I don't want to constantly toggle the game activity settings all the time since I want my friends to know that I'm playing a game while I'm off work hours.

  • benblaut

    Adding to the cacophony in here saying this should be a thing. If you want people to use this for more than just gaming, this is about as important as any other feature.

  • Alskar

    Totally agree with suggestion. It would be nice to have Server-based Privacy Settings just like we have Server profiles right now. I have few community servers for friends, and also I’m a teacher at University and my students really like using Discord since pandemic started. I’m okay with them seeing I’m playing games, but didn’t think about Streaming status much and got into few quite awkward situations. As a result, disabled Streaming status and got new Twitch account which is meh since people in my other communities can’t see I’m streaming and join anymore. I was thinking about making 2 separate accounts since then, but it won’t be as useful as now since I can miss some important info.

  • Tilgor


  • Seabee

    Yes please!!!

  • Nanimo

    2022 and we still want this

  • Dr3amt

    Please give us this NOW Discord.

    I don't want all my servers to know I'm online or streaming.

    I want an option in the server settings to not only mute the server but to turn me invisible for that specific server.

  • Jebble

    How is this not implemented yet?

  • Laryza

    we're waiting for this for 3 years lol please consider adding this soon, that would be so usefull, thanks :)

    btw it's on top 5 most voted on this category, the first four ones were completed, so this one should be the next implemented :\

  • JAti-HUN

    Try to leave Discord and find an other App, like "Steam Chat", "Riot"... If they will loose their users maybe they will listen to us....

  • Steveweiser

    Three years is far too long for a feature this simple to be implemented by a company this large. There is very clearly a large demand for this. 8k upvotes on an obscure post like this should speak volumes. The majority wouldn't go out of their way to post about something like this but would still use and benefit from it.

    Add the feature.

  • SysComp

    Still no update on that?

  • Strainj1

    I use discord for a number of reasons, game server admin duties, random MMPORG's, small servers with friends, personal chats with close mates, and for work. Between all of these I would love a way to show  my true online status for some servers, toggle at will for others, and show offline permanently for others..... 

    Because I don't want to be bugged for admin game related stuff / game requests during the work day, right now my only solution is to show offline while I'm at work - and tell all my work colleagues that even though I "show offline" I'm probably not. 

    This feature is really needed, for SO many scenarios.

  • Raven

    This has to be the most useful feature for discord and this topic is more then 4 years old and still not implemented! I would rather see this then the tons of 'stupid' emojis.

    I want to be able to turn this off per server. I don't want everyone seeing what I'm playing of different servers!


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