Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • tint54327

    This is the suggestion with the most votes that STILL has not been implemented!! It has over 7k upvotes, why isn't this a thing yet?

  • Argasm Voragz

    Could we at least have some explanation about this much requested feature ?

  • SaltyGamer

    Just adding a comment to get attention, cuz I need this



  • ʙird

    I see people mentioning blocking users. Fun fact: blocking isnt even a block, its just a mute. The only thing it blocks is that user from dming you. They can still see your status, your posts in shared servers etc. 

    Can we all just unite and ask for a proper block, where the people we block cannot see our status?

    Stalkers are a thing. ESPECIALLY in the gaming community. 

    As it is today, Discords stance is "leave those servers" and  "stay hidden for all"
    WHY? Can they just fix their block so that our statuses wont be shown to the people we are trying to block out? 

    Make it timeresticted so people can’t flip it on and off, like a lightswitch, if you must, but do SOMETHING about privacy on your platform. 


    ((All a blocked person / stalker, has to do now is join one of the servers the victim is in and BOOM he gets status updates again. So the only way out for victim, to this day, is to leave the platform or leave all servers. All due to a faulty busted “block” and privacy.
    DO BETTER!))

  • christina

    yes i would really appreciate this feature

  • James F

    The best solution to this is to have better support for multiple discord accounts.

    ie. I want a work account, a gaming account, and a family/other account.

    If if the discord interface allowed for it, or even running multiple instances of discord, i could do this and have full control over invisible/online/notifications/everything independently for each group. Of course having multiple accounts signed in or out within a single app if the UX design was properly thought through, would be even better.

  • Coaster

    That is actually a very reasonable option though then that opens up the unfortunate situation where if you wanted to utilize nitro features, you would need multiple subscriptions. I mean, users would have to deal with that in my opinion because its a second account.

    But still a good work around for the issue.

  • SkixterSix

    It's already 2 years and discord still haven't implemented it

  • Aecy

    Im okay too! :à

  • Legacynn

    How the fuck is this still not a thing yet?!

  • Elias

    upvoted. it's been 2 years people asking for this. how the hell such a basic feature isn't provided yet ?

  • chowder908

    Just here to bump this feature. Tired of whinny mods telling me to change my status because it's not SFW.

  • Mr_Captain

    Yes please. Being on a lot of different servers, I sometimes just want a bit of privacy when talking with some friends, and it would be extremely nice.

  • juantootree4


  • Princess Bunbun

    I'LL WAIT. 😐

  • silverfox88

    Sometimes, you want to distinguish private life and professional life.

  • nagmus

    Go on then!

  • Vmaster

    It's been two years and 11 pages but not even a peep from those in charge. It honestly feels like they want gamers to go elsewhere so that they can separate work from play. I hope I am wrong.

  • Stetzon

    Discord pls

  • Xion

    yes please


  • Danne



  • alexvstheworld.

    c'mon discord. we're waiting for this.

  • ʙird

    They don’t give a damn. Word on the street is they’re selling it it Facebook by the end of the year

  • MacNobody

    This feature needs to be implemented.  I am in a few professional servers and a few gaming/personal interest servers. I don't want my professional colleagues to know that I spend free time playing games.

    Has there been any mention of this being implemented in any fashion from the developers at all?

  • queenofcrows

    Please add this! All the channels I’m in are for specific projects I’m working on. One of them spams me every time I’m online. I can’t be online for any of the others because the other one will message me nonstop. Please add this feature!!!!!

  • Spikemare

    Two years later and still no option

  • ladyghost

    it's 2021 and this is still not a thing?

  • Miskatonicon

    I'm unfollowing this after more than a year.  It is an essential idea, but if everyone mixing their home and work lives during a pandemic wasn't enough for them to add this to their backlog, then I don't really care to keep watching.

  • MattModify

    @miskatonicon I’m right there with ya at this point too. How disappointing that a simple feature that’s thousands of people are asking for.

  • Dandy

    How else will they get juicy data on you and your interactions if you aren't showing your status on every server 24/7? This is the real reason they won't ever implement this or anything else like it that the community keeps asking for and it's not something you can expect anymore. Companies that go big always go bad.


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