Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • Skelrio

    L'idée n'est pas du tout mauvaise, je suis dans un serveur où il faudrait que je cache certains jeux quand j'y joue et je ne peux le faire à moins de cacher pour tous le monde.

    Se qui serait le mieux à faire est de, dans les paramètre Game Activity, de pouvoir implémenter un bouton. ( le bouton pourrait être placé à différent endroit. Soit à côté des jeux et ses boutons représenteraient les serveur sur lequel ils seront affiché, soit à côté du bouton d'activation d"Afficher le jeu actuellement exécuté en tant que message de status" et celui-ci regrouperai tous les serveur et l'on aurait juste à sélectionner quel serveur peut voir à quoi l'on joue.)
    Certains serveur discord n'accepte pas certains jeux donc cela serais utile de pouvoir voir cette fonction mis en service pour toute la communauté.


    The idea is not bad, I'm on the server where I have to hide some games when I play that and I can't do unless I hide for everyone.

    The best thing to do is, in the Game Activity settings, to be able to implement a button. (The button could be placed in different places, next to the games and its buttons would represent the server on which they will be displayed, or next to the activation button to "Show the currently running game as a status message" and it will group all the servers and we just have to select which server can see what we play.)
    Some discord server does not accept certain games so it would be useful to be able to see this feature set up for the whole community.

  • That does sound like a good idea, in the end you can play what ever you'd like or use any program. if not mentioned then no issues.

  • Kyōkinokami

    This would be an amazing feature to have for privacy.

  • Guldan

    good thing this would be

  • BraveCrab

    Well... Sure, that would be comfortable for everyone, I think.

  • Ren Flow

    This feature is SO needed! I have avoided joining certain servers because I don't want to be seen online by THAT SPECIFIC server. There are servers I DO wish to be seen as online, so going totally invisible is not an acceptable solution.

  • lyds

    Yes please!!

  • smallachloe

    It should have been setup this way from the start IMO. There are creepers out there.

  • highviscosity

    i would really love this feature this would help me with my anxiety when it comes to not wanting to talk to too many people at once

  • yuu-draws

    I'm glad to see more people supporting this idea! All reasonable arguments for the implementation of this feature were already mentioned by other users, so I have nothing to add.👌👌

  • Splen

    Keeping this alive. I want this in N E X T . P A T C H.

  • Drareg

    Up and +1

  • Cydramech


  • Alx

    Yes please!

    Would be very useful.

  • alexdolly

    LurkMode++ Make it happen!

  • alexdolly

    p.s. It would be nice to have a "default" visibility setting in User Settings in case we want to automatically LurkMode in every new server, or in case we want to set it that way for the safety of our kids. Maybe also some buttons: [invisible all], [visible all], and [remove all overrides] in case we want to bulk-change our per-server options.

  • donovan_dmc

    You can just go into your settings and temporarily disable push/desktop notifications for that "invisible with no notifications" part.

  • LuLuBlue

    We need this! Or at least I need this!

  • retroclass

    Please add this!

  • Please can this be implemented? it would help lots and lots.

  • NikkiNoodles

    Yussss.... I would love to ghost certain people or servers every once in a while.

  • Alx

    This would be nice since it's confusing when you're already texting somebody but don't wanna ignore the other person who just texted you.

  • CaptainChoke

    Make this happen please. Gotta ghost some servers when they're toxic but I want everyone else to know I'm alive.

  • jackalope

    especially since discord has all kinds of other info (gaming, spotify, whether you're on your phone) that only appears if you're visibly online this would be amazing. would also be nice to be able to set status per server in general (not just online/offline) so you'd come up busy in one server because you want to be available in another...

  • Telkanile

    I would love this feature, I usually keep my game activity off because I'm on so many diff servers for gaming, social, and even professional.  Sometimes if I'm playing with one server community I'd like them to be able to see I'm playing the same game, but not advertise it across all the other gaming communities discord servers and get bugged to 'come play this game instead!' constantly.  I tried in the past to keep multiple discord accounts but that just got too confusing and troublesome to keep track of since the client doesn't lend well to using multiple accounts.  I tried for a while to keep one account in the web only and one in the desktop app but it wasn't worth the hassle.

  • D.Bro~

    How is this not a feature yet? Yes please!

  • pc23

    Yes please!!!!

  • Angst

    I agree.

    Make it happen.

  • Incognis

    Pair this with my recent custom status suggestion and this could be amazing :o
    Like "LFRP : Chartype" 

  • 『Q』

    Yes, I really need this, it would help me with my privacy so much. <3 please add this 


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