Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles



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  • ᠋     ᠋

    Discord updates stuff frequently but still bypassing this important feature for years. @Mentions are a massive part of Discord and should be allowed to be limited to specific roles. Admins should innately be able to @ any role that exists, period. On top of that roles should have a section where you can add other roles that are allowed to @Mention them. 

  • opti21

    Wow this been on here for a year!? How isn't this implemented yet?

  • Ti-Mobeil_de

    Another way to work around this problem until the Discord Staff is done counting their money

    My good friend who is admin with me together on a Discord Server
    told me another workaround for that Problem:

    You can use the role ID together with a command to ping roles
    which have turned off "allow anyone to @mention this role"

    I will try to explain it as best I can with my bad english skills:

    1. you have to turn on Dev mode in Discord settings to find out a role ID

    2. now you can right click on a role to find out the ID

    3. as you can see here the option "allow anyone to @mention this role" is turned off

    4. but with the command   <@&[Role-ID]>you are still be able to ping the role.

    5. As you can see here:


    Of course I am aware that this is not a permanent solution either
    and it's just a matter of time before the trolls find out.
    And to be honest, I myself will often use the other way described with:
    - "@mention role"-Option ON
    - insert a previously created post
    - and quickly set the option OFF again
    Still, I wanted to share my knowledge with you.

    [Sarcasm: ON]
    Even if it is extremely difficult, we should not give up hope
    that the Discord Staff will one day start looking through their own support forum
    and finally integrate one of the ideas you mentioned into Discord.
    [Sarcasm: OFF]


    your Ti-Mobeil

  • Snicket

    Thanks for sharing, but if you assign yourself the role and use your format you will notice that the role doesn’t get pinged.
    It looks like you are mentioning it but it won’t actually ping the role.
    If that would actually work, anyone could mention any role since coping IDs is nothing you can restrict in any way.

    The only way around this atm are bots that make the role mentionable > mention it > make it unmentionable.

    Carl-Bot is the best choice imo.
    Works great, especially if it’s just for announcements.
    You can simply create feeds that will do that and include your arguments.

    Anyway being able to mention any role, if you have admin permission on a server, still is a really important thing and should have main priority.

  • Lelantos

    Snicket is correct, Ti-Mobeil. However I really appreciate the fact that you shared your knowledge with everyone. Hopefully this feature is implemented soon!

  • Hawk

    Given how brain dead and lazy these devs are, not implementing one of the most requested features, I really doubt we’ll ever see this.

    I’m getting annoyed because they’ve so far built a great service yet somehow miss such a basic and important feature... with every update I hold my breath and then sigh of disappointment when I notice they still haven’t implemented this.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  • Xblade

    1 year ago? Holy crap, how is this not implemented? O_o

  • shiio

    With every update, I hope and hope I will see this but idk if I will ever see the day

  • Ti-Mobeil_de

    yea i realize it short after i posted it. Sry tho. :(

    so back to on/off method

  • JL

    I'm not sure what technical issue could prevent Discord staff from coding a "who can mention which role" feature as essential as the Discord software itself. After more than one year and nearly 200 comments, I really despair!

  • NewFissy

    We definitely need this in our server. Can't believe this doesn't exist yet!

  • Jing

    Please make this happen. It's really hard to moderate big server when we constantly get raider with @everyone @moderators message 10 seconds after they join. If this get through, only certain high position role can @mod

  • SUPERMANcini

    How is this not a feature?  Oh, AND THREADED MESSAGES TOO GUYS COME ON ITS 2020.

  • Hellomynameis99

    Agh, I googled this because I thought it was possible... I guess not.

    Well, I'll lend my support to this suggestion.

  • Subcycle

    Ti-Mobeil_de's workaround still works. Thank you. How is this not a feature yet? Let only certain roles tag other roles.

  • aqua

    Please make this a thing. Would be REALLLLLY useful.

  • Cayssaris

    How has this not been added yet

  • starjones101

    Please add this feature lmao

  • Miso

    Please add this feature. 5008 up votes for it and no comment from far as I can see. Not gonna sift though 7 pages of comments. 

  • RimuruXD

    Why hasn't this been implemented yet

  • vital13

    What you mean @Nycloon?
    So will it be added in the next time.
    Also waiting for that feature!


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