lift the ban on self-harm talks

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  • Rocks the Squirrel

    I do not support this cause one, Discord is not a self help chat room and two, no one unless they are qualified to do so is an expert to help an other.

    A server I manage used to have a channel for stuff like that till we deleted it. Reason we did was as I said, no one was a therapist and then the trolls came making those people issues worse and that was also on top of the people giving bad advice. So I do not see this to be good one bit. We also have had less people having breakdowns in our server since the deletion of the channel and doing what Discord was meant for and that chatting about games and more.

  • Zerberus

    not saying it should be lifted, but if there would be a way to get a licensed therapist to be verified to use discord for such topics as a means to an end for e.g. self-help groups especially during covid pandemic or a future similar situation... it would be a good thing. 


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