Audit log if messages are deleted


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  • Fee

    Discord please, this would be so helpful! We need to be able to see if mods are abusing their ability to delete messages.
    To everyone saying "bots can do this", bots don't show WHO deleted the message, only that it was deleted.

  • DisgustingJam

    @Fee - Use a bot to see what was deleted. Match the timestamp to the audit logs of who deleted it. Job done.

    Maybe get admins you trust a bit more too?

  • Malkierian

    This is still a problem because bots only work so far back as they have a cache of the messages. Once a message is deleted on Discord's servers, there is no retrieving any information about it, bot or no. And we've never been able to tell who deleted the message. I have an ongoing deletion storm going on right now, and a person has deleted a hundred or more of their messages, but I can't see who, what, guess why, or anything, because the messages are too old to be cached by the bot. We need more detailed information in the deletion events, at the very least.

  • Daem S.

    I don't really get why I mostly see people being adamant about  not wanting their messages not being logged in the audit log.  I do believe that deleting messages with no trace can be taken advantage of by anyone, and it can go more than just people hiding their petty insults and ghost pings, and your embarrassing RP messages mind you.  This should be a basic feature and a bot shouldn't even require this. And I say that if really needed be, omit the messages from the deleted content by default in the logs but can be reported to discord for Trust & Safety for further investigation so they can review what's really in the deleted message. Deleting messages permanently off the grid sounds stupid.


    You want total privacy, take it to DMs. That has been there for a reason.

  • Uthael

    One of the main reasons my friends and I switched to Discord is that we can share sensitive information over Internet to each other and delete it without a trace once it's been read.

    If you add this feature, please make it optional for admins of a server to turn it off at-will.
    Edit: Channel-specific would be great.


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