Warning when changing to a name that will change your DiscordTag#0000.


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  • nilsber

    that's just considered 1 free nitro perk

  • \\\

    Exactly this request. I was so pissed off that my discord tag changed without warning that I was contemplating deleting my account and never using it again, it was special to me and it's not the same to cheat and change it manually. Why was there not a warning!! And now I can't even change it back!!

  • PutoJooj

    I'm also really pissed, my tag was #0010, but because of the April Fools day, I changed it to "Deleted User" to make a joke to my friends, but my tag changed, to #7159 Without them even warning me about it. God damn it...

  • Pan

    Yes please, considering there's no way to change your name without changing your tag - even with Nitro. Some way of knowing you'd keep your Tag would be really nice :)

  • Mirabella

    ughh yes, this is so frustrating.
    mine was #6661. it was PERFECT
    and now it randomly changed 

  • ✿ Charlotte ✿

    My tag was #1711, and I changed my username for like 5 minutes, now I lost it. How incredibly rage inducing, no warning, no nothing, just another random, stupid number that I cant remember anymore.

  • ThePaintedFox

    well, you can always check it by using the "Find a Conversation" in Discord. Just find the username, if someone has it, add something like: "X_Username_X" or "__UseRnamE__" or something like that. If someone doesn't have that username, change it. Plus, if you already have Nitro, can't you change the ID after?

  • suko

    my tag was 3085 and i had it for 3ish years and i really liked it, i hadnt changed my name once. i changed it to see if something would work for a bot and immediately changed it back and its now 5061 and i dont like it at all. i don't want to pay for nitro to get it back. i thought my tag would be permanent but its dumb how it changes, like why

  • PutoJooj

    Yeah ThePaintedFox, you can change your tag with Nitro but not everyone is able to pay for that subscription, like me. 

  • ThePaintedFox

    That is true PutoJooj

  • ThePaintedFox

    But you could always add add "X_Username_X" or something to it.

  • ♡ Mister Dan ♡

    And AFAIK, doesn't "Find a conversation" only work with friends and server mates?


  • Tolo64

    Unbelivaboat has a command "!discrim (tag)" which lets you see people with that tag. So whenever you change your name, you can just plop that command down and see if anyone else has it

  • Tolo64

    Although the user has to be in a server *with* unbelivaboat, so don't trust it too much.

  • Bluey


  • Erin

    I hate this so much. My tag was #4069 and I really liked that tag and was known by people by it.

  • ultra omega big brain

    my tag was my birthday date, I was so damn lucky and then I changed my username and now I have this stupid different tag than the one I had for almost 4 years. Plus 10 dollars for nitro isn't cheap in Brazil with those damn taxes plus the price of dollar today ( R$4,15 ).

  • memories and dreams

    i had the same issue just now lmao. discord should at least change it back for us! ofc they wont but sdjgbdfhuhgnjbh this sucks

  • Race Rescuer

    I also had the same issue. My original discord tag was #2830 and when I got Discord Nitro, I changed it to #9925 and then suddenly after I lost my nitro subscription. It changed back to #0363 which is pretty okay I guess. But still what bothers me is that I didn't even changed my name. I kept it like this for months.

  • alex~

    My tag used to be #8243 and now it's #9489, All i did was change my flipping username and Loved my OG tag but I grown pretty used to the tag i Have now but what evs, ghkjshajoseigfjnhsdkiujfgh I hate this

  • MagicalMythicals

    I recently ran into the same issue. I refused to change my discord username for so long, and then I did it as a joke for an hour and when I changed back my discord tag, which had been "3869" since I'd made my account, was gone. I messaged support and the only response they could get back is that they couldn't do anything, and that I can pay for Nitro to get it back - until the Nitro expires and I lose it again. It is so unbelievably frustrating because I LOVED my old tag and I was very attached to it, and I've given out my discord handle to people recently who, now thanks to Discord not warning me that I'd be losing my tag number, won't be able to find me. I can't afford a year of Nitro for their flawed system, and I can't justify monthly expenses just because they didn't implement a SIMPLE feature. I hope if they add this feature, they restore the tags of people who have had theirs changed.

  • jade

    I haven't even had discord for a full year but my tag has changed almost every 2 months and I rarely change my username, at first I had a cool tag that I really liked and discovered that it had changed and it kept changing then recently I got 1960 which was okay and now I have one I don't like now 6491.
    Can't we just be allowed to keep the original tag?

  • AquaF1ame

    I'm salty right now, not going to lie. I've never had this problem in the past and I've kept the same tag #1018 SINCE 2016! Last night I was messing around with new name ideas but then I noticed this morning that my tag was changed to #0793 I knew my old tag by heart and it was nostalgic to me but now it's gone forever. I usually keep the same username but this one odd time I want to change it this BS happens, not happy. I can't afford to buy nitro to change it back, and even if I did, I can't afford a subscription and when that one month ends the tag will go back to some random crap. It's extremely disappointing there is no way to change tags to what they were originally. 

  • memories and dreams

    It’s the worst! I remember a while back it just wouldn't let me change my name bc someone else with the tag had it—I'd prefer that over just changing my tag!

    And the worst part is they won't ever let us get our original tags back. Like... We don't want something fancy like #0001 or whatever, we just want the tag we started out with

  • neithan

    I have my tag for the past 2 years or something, tried to change my name to Nathan again (had it b4 but ye) and it popped up this bs of "Someone is already using this name and tag!". So i went to the dudes profile and its an inactive account...a new one too, no nitro. Explain me how the heck he has the same tag with me!

  • Bluey

    are you just gonna assume that it's inactive because it was offline when you found it and there is no mutual severs or friends? also did they actually add a warning now

  • Serena

    Had #1645 since when I joined in 2016 and as a result I got really attached to it, even signed it on some of my stuff.. I changed my name for just a moment and it switched the tag to 5287. Absolutely heartbroken

  • paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    Had #1323 for i dont remember how long, it always stayed like that but now its #1568 im so pissed. i changed my name to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat as a joke but i guess some other guy was using my tag and that name

  • VeenyCutePaws~

    I had a #4459.... and now I'm so sad how I've had it for such a long time and then it got changed to #7888 because of a stupid friend changing my name to some dots....

  • Hytheria

    Mine is #0713, but I don't think that's very rare is it?


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