Embedded MP3 Support



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  • Джерри

    It's already there

  • Ha1One


    It's actually here only when you're dropping a file. 

    If you just link to an mp3 file already hosted on a server (even on discord), it won't be playable.

    It'd be great if we could play those kind of files from the app/navigator.


  • npgy

    Yes, we need this discord! It's crucial to what I do.

  • GOD-sSs-END

    I'd like to see this as something you can edit further. For example, the icon to the left of "toto.mp3". . . It'd be very cool if we could change that to our Discord logo or the logo of a gaming clan or player's avatar. . 


  • CarcinogenZ

    Why is this marked as completed when it hasnt been added yet

  • Lander

    Can we also have this for mobile users?

  • Need one for mobile users, specily now a lot of people play games in mobile.

  • Aruzei

    I need this too for aac file type :( but it only works for mp3 and m4a

  • julie

    this works in browser but not on mobile apps :( it's such a bummer in music-focused communities

  • Ebiko

    With a small Proxy you can do it actually. 

    Sending a message with an Audio file just adds a "attachment" to the message. 
    With CURL, or anything else that can send Custom HTTP Requests, you can send a message with the Attachment ID, and it will attach to the Message like shown above. - why its not happening automatically for audio, IDK, since it does work automatically for everything else, videos/pictures 


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