An icon that tells whether someone is on mobile or PC.



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    Dabbit Prime

    Thanks to this suggestion, we've added a mobile indicator that's now live to everyone everywhere!

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Why is that even needed? To me, that is completely stalkerish. I see no reason why its needed to be known if someone is or not nor can I think of any answer you can give to why this would be a needed feature.

  • Jinja

    It's a bit annoying when people start calling because they think your at the PC, when you are online via the mobile app.. both for you and them.

    How can this be stalking?

    - Jinja

  • Azantii

    Not very stalkerish imo. Maybe have a toggle in settings to turn this on or off?

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    And what would be the difference if on phone or pc when you can place yourself as away, invisible or offline. There is no real need to know what someone is on.

  • BullFrogBen

    Was just about to suggest this. Maybe a setting that allows you to have a small icon that indicAtes the user is on mobile.

    This would eliminate the need to have to clarify typos ha. In a support role if someone saw this they would know that you probably can’t fully fix an issue because they would see you are on mobile.

    I think it’s a great idea.

  • ishaaq

    Difference would be that people would know whether or not you can play or get into a call. I wouldn't call people if they are on mobile, if they are on PC I would be like "heyy come play"

    It's saving both the sender and receiver some time. Just because you don't see any point to it due to lack of thinking about it from all perspectives it doesn't mean it shouldn't be added.

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Not sure what it would matter if on mobile if you can get in a call cause many use mobile in the servers I am in all the time. So does that mean they can't play? No one out of the many people I know ever ask or need this feature cause we talk mobile or not. There is now also the new feature of mobile games on phone showing up as games playing now in beta, even some mobile games you can play with others on mobile. I myself am also on mobile most of the time till someone wants to talk, then I can get on to play a game by walking to my laptop.
    There is also that as well as I am sure I am not the only one who has mobile and pc version on at all times. In that matter, which do you think Discord will show? Yeah, it won't be able to tell unless you manually keep setting it.

  • ishaaq

    Facebook messenger is able to tell if you are on mobile or not. It's not difficult to code. It doesn't matter whether or not you don't need it or any of the people you know doesn't need it, some things are for people who want/need it and there's absolutely no reason to deny something for some especially if it is nothing too big.

  • The Meme Lord

    No. This is a security problem. What if someone doesn't want everyone to know whether he is on mobile? What if vice versa? This could cause so many problems. This should not be added. This is straight up stalking

  • The Meme Lord

    Can someone explain to me why every suggestion in the "most voted" section is by Nelly? Literally every single suggestion is by Nelly and they all have tens of thousands of votes. This is very unfair to people with other suggestions.

  • Eldaram🌈

    Nelly is a Bot/Discord dev who had repost old suggestion because discord had change the suggestion system. In fact, those suggestion has been post by other users in the old suggestion system.

  • Kwintus5

    Yes! I would love it and also make it toggleable. Because when you are talking to someone, when he/she is mobile, you know it can take longer or they are distracted more easly. While on PC you can "expect" faster responses.


  • CoalSephos

    I think it would be cool if the Mobile Indicator is either more “discord style”, resembling a more blocky or blurple aesthetic, perhaps integrated into the user’s profile in the style of the “This user is new to Discord” pop-up, or for the expended profile an indicator that replaces the user’s online icon, or similar.

  • Andy

    This has been implemented in Canary by staff. Quoting Evil Dabbit in the Canary channel of Discord Testers; “<@&351008402052481025> Hello everyone!! We've got a little surprise for y'all. We've built **mobile presence indicators** to help users see when their friends are on their phones. This feature is out on Canary - please make sure you completely refresh your client to see them.

    You'll see mobile icons in a few places, including when you click on profiles and at the tops of DMs. Mobile icons will appear when users are online *only* on mobile.

    We'd love for you to try this feature out, try to find a few mobile indicators, and give us bug reports or any feedback you might have! Thank youuuu :neonblobhearteyes:”

  • The Meme Lord

    No, this is stalking. If you are on your phone and you dont want people to know your on your phone or vice versa then this icon should NEVER be added.

  • levvia

    This feature would be fantastic! The big key would for it to be toggleable for privacy reasons. But this would be really handy for seeing if someone in on their computer and able to play right now or not. Really frustrating when someone is online and bored, so you ask to play games but they're on mobile. Simply adding a phone symbol like steam would be enough in my mind, or have a separate status when on mobile, make the color blue and call it "On Mobile" so that way you can tell immediately, but it is directly integrated into discord. Maybe even just making it another status that you can switch between, that way if you are on the web version on a chromebook or something, you can set it to on mobile so they know you aren't at your pc like it could be on mobile. 

  • sɔrdəvstɔrmz

    It looks like this is being worked on. Spotted on Discord Canary on December 19th.

  • Gypzee

    Whether a person wants the world to know they are on their mobile device should be at their discretion. It should not be made automatically known as this could become a safety issue given the numerous hacks being perpetrated these days. If someone in a support role can't simply ASK what sort of device they are using, they shouldn't be doing support.

    As a result, I am permanently invisible because OTHERS DON'T NEED TO KNOW MY BUSINESS UNLESS I WANT THEM TO.


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