Whiteboard Integration


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  • Chuug

    Could be very useful to explain boss strategies in gaming

  • Derrios
    And why not a live integration into an embed of a site offering the functionality?
  • amandaamandel

    Its a cool idea.... but not for Discord. If you want to draw something and send it on the chat just simply use paint. Also it would be a mess on big servers, people would draw/write explicit and harmful things. I don't see why they would implement that, honestly.

  • GuyJi

    really need this please,

    using discord since 2016 or 2017 and still none of these drawing function :(


    plus simple picture editor when uploading images would be great!

  • DrewUniverse

    I first experienced a drawing/white board with Windows Live Messenger. In my opinion the dev team for that app handled the integration well overall! However, that was a program orienting on 1-to-1 conversation. For big servers you're looking at a permissions nightmare for any substantially-sized server if people decide to abuse the feature.

    What someone else said is also true: it's nearly as convenient to open a basic/free paint program and draw there. Usually control+A on Windows will select the full image on the canvas, control+c to copy it, and control+V to throw it in Discord. I use the Windows snipping tool all the time in a similar way - copy image, post to discord without ever saving the image (they're usually disposable snips/drawings). 

    So, honestly there are other ways to achieve this and it would save the dev team some work. Much as I'd appreciate a drawing board of some kind, I would much rather Discord focus on other considerations and improvements. I love seeing all these ideas that could indeed enrich the user experience for many of us, but we must take care not to turn Discord into a giant catch-all app full of feature creep. When that happens, quality of any given feature tends to lower and get diluted. 

  • Lord_Abigor

    I think its a great idea!

    I was think of using Microsoft Whiteboard for my D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) games with my party.
    But the problem is, they wont be able to move their piece (token) and the grid is too small. i can make the piece's (token) smaller but there is a limit to how small you can make it

  • brass_knuckles

    I was going to make a whole additional post, but I’ll just add to this thread:
    Integrating “presentations” with hyperlinkable imagery, the way Google Slides allows teachers to create a “virtual classroom” that students can click around for different materials. It would be slightly more visually engaging than a simple Text message with included links. Think classic YouTube with those link overlay boxes for “Next video” or “Check this out”

  • Jakousa

    We are debating moving our teams to discord from slack. A whiteboard integration for software engineering teams would be the nail in the slacks coffin.

  • Nrgazl

    Y E S !
    Or, even better: a whiteboard/drawing layer on top of video, screenshare or whatever.

  • TerrbearSF

    I think this would also work great being added to the current video streaming feature.

    • Turn on video streaming into your voice chat room.
    • Switch your camera feed to “Whiteboard”
    • Then draw out your plan or strategy on screen Madden style. Optionally allow an image background for your whiteboard (like a battle arena from an MMO fight) to draw on top of to describe positioning and strategy.

    Even better, if I can hop on a tablet like my iPad Pro, I can enable this option and use my pencil on my tablet to draw out on a whiteboard stream.

  • TheDevBird

    Please add this.
    Just like video channels, this should have special perms such as "can draw".

  • kopiko

    Add it!

  • Ejay.

    This would be amazing!

  • Link

    I heavily support this concept. I came here just to make a post about this myself, but I see there have been many others. A real-time shared drawing space would be an absolutely amazing tool.

  • table

    would be cool, makes teaching math 10x easier LOL

  • felix

    mix this with the theme recuest and other stuff and change it in plugins

    so if you install a plugin it can change your theme and add cool features like this

  • Aeryx

    It would be a great feature!

  • Remix

    That would be interesting & useful, I'm for it


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