IRC integration/backend support


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  • Blastoise186
    Twitch already gets badly inundated with IRC Lurk Bots which have no clear purpose and with no obvious way to kick them from the chat completely. My concern here is that DIscord could also get affected in the same way, and it also provides a way for selfbot type abuse to sneak in. I'm really not keen.
  • whamer100

    Blastoise, is your entire purpose just to go to top trending suggestions just to say no to it?

  • dotcomboom

    As someone who uses a lot of older and lower-spec hardware and software, an option like this would broadly expand the amount of devices you could use Discord on without relying on ToS-breaking third party clients or them having to allocate resources for a platform that's already come and passed.

    Examples of what this can be used on are nearly endless: Java-based flip phones, that Packard Bell in your basement that hasn't been turned on in about 20 years, Windows Mobile 6.1, old Macs, dialup connections, the Dreamcast Web Browser 2.0, and even just machines that people actively use that aren't up to spec to run large Electron-based applications even under Windows 10 or Linux. It'd be very helpful for me and others.

  • chotaneem

    That's definitely the better idea. I'm a newbie here and I hope they have considered your idea.

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  • Gurpreet13007

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