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  • zappeo

    This is my most wanted feature, upvoted.

  • loromoin

    it's a feature incredibly important, it's strange that it isn't yet implemented!

  • Ðrew

    It would be so nice to be able to quote!!

  • valtteri1010

    @stdedos Permalinks are a thing

  • Purpzie

    Discord, I really hope you don't do something like "oh this is already done there's message links" instead of actually implementing quoting for real. It would honestly be fine if message links could be given an embed that shows the message content, but leaving it the way it is is not quoting, it's referencing - you still have to actually click the thing to view it.

  • Bree

    As a software engineer, I don't understand why it is so difficult to implement this ^^'

    I would really like to know what the problem is.

    Something similar to Telegram or WhatsApp would be perfect and improve QOL by ALOT.. 

    Quoting should be done by 2 simple clicks or a swipe .. nothing else.


  • Simone

    Yes please. Support and up voted

  • Icematoro

    It's impressive we don't have it at all, even a very basic one would be nice.

  • SyntaxTERR0R

    How is this not a thing??

  • Haew

    I think about this feature everyday when I use discord. I usually use a closing chevron and paste the message content, but not gonna lie, it kinda sucks.

    How long will we be waiting this simple feature? Hopefully, since spoilers have arrived, quotes will too soon enough.

  • LifeSavier

    Discord Team seems not to care, 12K upvotes for this simple feature and still not implemented....

  • Bader

    We need this asap. Whatsapp already has this feature, please add it.

  • heidie

    Very much needed!!


    This would be strategically SO great for Discord. It would dramatically enhance the user experience by allowing topics to stay alive longer AND in doing so, this feature won't close any doors for Discrod in any way. No-brainer.

  • CMEPTb

    "Ro 7 days ago

    Block Quoting has been added!"

    The official comment feels like a slap in the face.
    This kind of TEXT FORMATTING was always there, we are asking for a QUOTING of the certain message by 1-2 clicks!
    Are you kidding or do you really not understand the concept of the feature we are asking you about?
  • ₭Ø₭₳₵Ʉ฿Ɇ

    Why quotes can not look like this? In my opinion, that would be the best. And at each message, you can click on these three dots on the right side of the message and the option: "Quote Message", appear.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm a german guy. :D

  • BruceSilduk

    Discord is a perfect app but this feature is truly what keeps me from fully migrating. Sad. It's so complex in certain areas, it's unbelievable with so many requests and so many people talking about it still hasn't been added! I mean really??? Come on!!!

  • Nixie

    Some form of quote function would really be nice ...

  • Dalryk

    Surely this is a no brainer.  What is the problem here?

  • ||Jojo||
    ``Copy Link`` was the first step, hope to see something like an embed soon
  • Hasse

    Or: allow one click user friendly linked reply to a message....

    +1 arguments used here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030063152/comments/360003840311

    I must say I started recommending projects to use Discord's biggest competitor for this very feature. Discord is great to connect, chat and forget. Referring to an earlier message however only works for "geeks" (no pun intended) that find it all natural to google for something they need, then find out soon about https://discordia.me/developer-mode (fun!) and how turn it on... and don't mind being stuck with copypasting message urls. For many projects I see using Discord, this isn't a 'real' users' profile.

    So it gets very ineffective (time consuming, chaotic,...) and frustrating for any community onboarding "average users" and aiming at any structured conversation, e.g. around a new tool, to support, to report issues and bugs, gather suggestions, debate methodology,... or whatever context where different types of angles blend together. Then, the ability to reply to a specific message, maybe even branch the conversation, becomes an essential key feature.

    Ps If opensource, at least one could cofund such a feature ;)

  • aidan


  • Uspex

    I'm actually amazed that this isn't implemented yet

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    I wonder how long will you take to build this feature?


  • tally.bookman

    I'm afraid it's never going to happen. It's got over 12,000 votes NOW, and according to one of the posters to this thread, this is not the first enhancement request for this feature, and at least one in the past got many thousands of votes. I, too, stopped recommending Discord for anyone but hardcore gamers who find it's other features really useful. I really like Discord, but only use it when I have to, if there are more than a few people involved. I have monitored this conversation for a few months with misplaced optimism but will stop now. 

    I think the real tragedy is that the Discord team is missing an easy opportunity to build community rapport and build up trust and engagement by at least responding and explaining WHY they won't implement this feature. Saying nothing at all makes the entire community feedback activity seem like a sham (it probably isn't, but it makes it seem that way); it makes them look like they don't give a damn about large numbers of people taking the time to engage (it's only a little time, but we all know how rarely users engage this much at all) - which also is probably not true.

    Finally, it makes the development team look incompetent. There may well be a very good reason why the fundamental architecture or some other foundational decision made a long time ago means that this particular feature is almost impossible to implement; or impossible to implement without a massive rewrite. But in the absence of any explanation, it looks like the dev team is just not good enough to figure this out; which can't be true, but same thing - it looks that way.

    But given that years of persistent conversation as well as assiduously following the stated procedure for community input has yielded exactly ZERO response from the Discord folks ... I'm giving up on it. Sorry to be negative and hope I'm wrong!

  • hoboX10

    This is actually pathetic. You guys barely have any feature updates as-is and you can't even manage obvious features. Everyone is making fun of you - how can you even call this a "quoting" feature. It's text formatting. There's zero quote functionality in this. Give a real quote option.


    The saddest part is it's such a simple feature request that a single developer could reasonably implement it in a single week. I would feel embarrassed to be a software engineer at your company with a record like this.

  • AxeloteAR

    The current state of the quote mentioned by the developer isn't what it's requested here. We need a way of quoting one message already posted, like whatsapp.

  • AndreAlphus

    How is this not done yet? it’s like one of the most basic function a chat should have

  • 𝗪𝗲𝗿𝘀𝘀™

    Just make the damn quote system like Skype (ages ago) already has.
    One button quote the text and that's it.
    It's not a nuclear physics to be that hard to implement on discord, especially for you dev tem.
    There are people who are trying their best to make the damn quotebots to make discussions more organized, but it's not that good.
    Make the damn feature already ffs.

  • Darksway

    Yes please, quoting needs to be in Discord. It's a very basic feature and it allows us to reply directly to someone after hundreds of messages. The number of likes of this post has to mean something.

  • Dzeno

    @CptTwinkie no it's still not, it is a step in the right direction though.
    What they have done is added a button/shortcut for a type of markdown, just like italic, bold, etc. Markdown is not Quoting.

    I quote myself:
    Unfortunately markdown is not quoting as many people before me already explained. Problems with markdown, no timestamps, no username, no reference link to message (possible other messages around), and mutability. Mutability is something that people who work with game developers should understand.

    A timestamp is not included, a reference link is not included and mutability is still a big problem.
    A username is semi-implanted but in reality still just a markdown thing where it just adds @Username as text to the bottom of the quote.

    And for those saying that they can't, well I think they are more than capable enough since part(s) of the function already exist
    Seems like the linking should be doable as it already exists in developer mode

    It is possible that they might integrate/introduce it in small parts which would be awesome, even better if they would everyone know.

    But up until this date, it has not been implemented as what's considered a quote to most people.




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