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  • golngaz

    I want quoting too :D

  • UpperJeans

    Well this feels like a slap in the face

  • minimus

    seems like it's sort of available now

    if you type > with a space after it, it will offset the post like in the image attached

    no timestamps though 😔

  • chrissy

    Would still love to quote :c

  • Tutsumi

    Server folders request has been around for a few years now. Cool. This needs to be next along with voice notes.

  • Amaryllion

    Really, I tried to use this bot. But I have no idea how to make it work, sorry. You have to be some discord guru in order to make this happen. All I wanted was a klick/tap on an integrated funtion called "quote" or something that does what this bot tries to do in the screenshots. Can't be too tough for discord developers to integrate if there is already some bot that (perhaps) does it. :-/

  • Ahuman
    I don't quite understand what you mean.
  • EtzBetz

    Yea that petition does nothing more than splitting up the votes again. These ideas are kinda like petitions for Discord.. Just ideas where people can vote what they would like to happen.

  • seePyou

    ok, that is one thing, but if I want to quote something from a website or whatever, that is also useful. I concede that quoting a message off the same discord is not as Bree described, which should be easy to do - there is that horizontal ... button next to all messages...


  • Dev

    Block quoting isn't really what this person had in mind though, right? Like I was imagining more akin to what whatsapp does with their quote reply system where it shows the avatar of the person who sent the original message and the message. 

  • MJ94

    Quoting has been added—at least on desktop. I can't figure out how to quote on mobile (iOS) yet. There's some quirks, but it works!

  • EtzBetz

    Yes true. Now we at least have a button in the context menu for quoting, it's still not enough, but I guess they are actively working on it now..

  • Fakeologist

    Yes well done better than nothing!

  • inravioli

    La fonction "citation" a disparu...

  • Nico

    What do you exactly mean by BUMPING, illuminade? 😏

  • Glenn McGrew


    Free, in most cases, is not free - we just don't see the way a company may use us to pay for the project.  Some sell our personal data, others aggregate our data and sell that, others research what we do and sell that, and so on...Some use advertising, membership fees, etc.

    Yes, for some devs there's an ego issue, or they reach a dead-end, or they get frustrated, etc.

    FYI, Nitro isn't just for gaming. The $5 option gives you a better chat experience. Pay more, and you get more, INCLUDING games. https://discordapp.com/nitro

    As for a one-time payment that gives you a license that never expires, that is usually a strategy used for a new company with a new product until it's stable. For example, Malwarebytes Antimalware offered such licenses for the first several years (7?) before replacing it with recurring billing for subscription. There was an overlap period, though.  As a long-time user (from 2008), I was eventually granted a permanent license after missing the last opportunity to get one due to financial issues.

    You said "...nobody even reacts to comments or demandings like this?" Actually, if you go to the chat level (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000786212-Chat) and sort by votes, you'll see that a few suggestions have been completed, and one is listed as "answered".

    I realize that this is far from ideal, but what if the money they bring in is not actually enough to allow them to have dedicated moderators for this feedback forum? What I mean by this is people who have time to read AND reply. My guess is that such support is reserved for paying users (which makes sense for a platform that has severely restricted how it earns money). If a business has limited income and has to choose where to put its customer service, then they would tend to focus on automated methods and communication tools that don't require responding (in most cases) for free users, while paying users would enjoy much more.

    Now, what if features like those listed here are ALREADY available to paying users? I don't know if they are, and I doubt it, but then they don't need to implement the already-existing features. In that case, though - and this is why I don't think such features exist yet - they *SHOULD* inform their users in the relevant thread(s), right?

    And that returns us to my original thought: if someone isn't paying, they shouldn't demand, pout, whine, complain, threaten, etc. They should do what they can to rally more support and be patient...Or pay and then they have increased influence with the company (in theory).

  • Ponka donkas pinka dong

    lets do this:
    "> <message link>" => <embeded message>
    and when you type a single quote it suggests you the links to the most recent messages

  • seePyou

    This is in Discord now.

    Start a line with > then space and it is quoted:


    > This will be a quote
    and this will not


    Start with a >>> and space and all the rest of the lines will be quoted:


    >>> This will be a quote
    and so will this


  • CptTwinkie

    It's here!

    I saw it on Android and so I checked desktop and it's there too!

    It's a little basic and it always adds a mention but it's better than being punched in the face. amiright?

  • Poilaucul

    I agree with Rey Tianero

    Quoting should include what the person you're quoting said.

  • kuroe

    Hey guys, I really want this feature as much as you do. I am adding a repeated thread so we can upvote that one too, I did the same with this one and I am sharing in other social media to bring attention to this feature.


  • stdedos

    And permalinks to chat messages

  • Glenn McGrew

    As much as I would like to see this implemented, I can think of several other things that should have greater priority.

    Personally, if this feature is not even in the top 3, why SHOULD it be developed first? I think we should be patient, and be grateful for what we get for free. If it genuinely doesn't meet your group's needs, there are PLENTY of other platforms out there, mostly with limits far worse than Discord. If you want unlimited messages, users, etc., try Samepage.

    Where should the owners of Discord draw the line between a free and a paid feature? Do they give the most desired features for free and then make people pay for the less valuable features? That would not be in the best interests of a platform that is used for free by how many millions of us?

    @Bree Must it? I've looked at Slack, Samepage, MS Teams, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Connect, and a few others and only Cliq and Samepage have it. As for standard messengers, I don't usually use them.

    @Tray Hard You won't sponsor a company that doesn't rearrange its priorities to meet your demands? Given that you seem to be a free user, I don't think they're going to give your demands extra attention...do you?

    @aaronasking Sure, but is this feature THAT much more important than other features, such as greater organizational capability and threads? I don't think so...

  • Лекс АйТиБорода

    Guys, let's create something like petitionabout this question.

  • Rey Tianero

    This is not the quoting that we are requesting. Essentially what we want to know when Quoting are:

    • Who said
    • What
    • When
    • Context of the conversation

    Much like this:


    Except we I don't need to visit the link to read what was said.

    >Yes quoting is still here, you just need to use the markdown.

        > this is a quote

  • Alex49

    Давно жду этой необходимой функции. Надеюсь,разработчики услышат нас


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