Rules splash page, accesible in server menu


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  • Saluki

    I think this is something that Discord needs really badly, why isn't it already a thing?

  • Persephassa

    This has a lot of upvotes already. I strongly support the idea.

  • Herclacules

    You can already do this with permissions. Just create a new channel, go into the permissions, and set @everyone's permissions to be able to read the channel but not send messages (allow them to add reactions to messages if you want). Then add the owner role as a separate permission and turn everything on. Now the Owner can message in that channel and everyone else can see it but not send additional messages.

  • altered

    No, I want to have a channel with a proper wiki structure or something like that, which doesn't have a message limit and includes only a page with some info from the owner.

  • Sledgend

    1.) Create channel

    2.) Do all of that

  • ollo

    I don't like this idea

  • Dragagon

    thats called a website?


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