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  • sp42s

    I cant say for sure, but what i've heard it's against tos. So to be safe i'm also using basic dark theme. Hopefully we see some changes in the future though.

  • Broken

    This is the logs of the conversation between me and a staff member regarding betterdiscord and if its bannable to use.

    Hello Discord!

           I am contacting you today regarding some questions I have about BetterDiscord. What sort of punishments do you carry out for people who use this program? Are users allowed to use this program? because I've seen several tweets from Discord saying it ISNT against TOS
    and some saying that it is against TOS
    I'd love some clarification as far as all of this goes and I'd love it if you could respond as soon as possible with as much information as possible regarding this subject, Thank you!

    Discord (Joshua):
    Thanks for reaching out. As stated in our API documents here, using self-bots is forbidden and against our terms of service, as any improper use can result in damage done to our API. Additionally, 3rd party add-ons or plugins are also against Discord's Terms of Service ( Our automated backend system will flag any bots being used to spam and for suspicious activity, and the user who the bot is attached to via IP will get banned.

    Generally, we don't seek out users using better discord, but some of the features, including embeds, are accomplished through selfbotting and may lead to banning. Ultimately, if you understand the potential risks then it's up to you if you choose to use it or not.

    I hope that clears it out. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    if I am "reported" for using BetterDiscord will I be punished? I don't really see a reason to ban someone for doing stuff like this, I know tons of people who use it simply for cosmetic purposes.

    If you will be reported for using BetterDiscord, in case you missed it, we don't drop the ban hammer just for the sake of it. We do an investigation and if your actions with the use of BetterDiscord deem as a violation of the ToS, then appropriate sanction will be applied. Also, please note that any issue within the app that may arise while BetterDiscord is used will not be supported. Once more, improper use of any 3rd party application may result in damage to our own API.

    If you need clarification or have any other questions, just let me know here.


    So from what it sounds, you can use it for cosmetic purposes only
    I don't condone the usage because its not supported and if something breaks, its on you
    Also its a major security risk, you don't know who you're giving your Discord information to. So if you accept and understand the risk, whether you choose to use it or not, is up to you.

  • FlamingoTango

    I'm not interested in not-controllable themes per server, it seems unnecessarily complicated and would have a larger load.  But having a custom theme, sign me up!  Like maybe just custom CSS that can be applied to discord, or something more controlled-  like an options screen just be able to change background color of sidebar, main screen, text panel, text type/put a background on different sections with controllable translucency.   But some way to see community themes would be really nice coz people have some great ideas.


    Client-side only would be best or options that should be saved.  I mean yes it would be cool if server had different in server theming sometimes, but I would also like to turn it off if it's distracting or uncomfortable.

  • Draconic NEO


    I agree with that, I'd also like to add that custom theming should NOT be a part of discord nitro or paid in any way, especially since it's already free using the unofficial route through Bandaged BetterDiscord, Regardless of whether or not it's safe or legal.

  • Draconic NEO

    How many upvotes does this need to become a feature in discord?

  • падение

    i would really like this feature
    idk if there is about laws (because ppl could use NSFW pictures) but i really wish to use anime pictures as background
    dark theme is good, but.. after 2 years it begins to be a bit boring ^^ i want not to use something which isn't supported by official discord, so i hope this feature will be added to discord :)

  • iffy

    When is this getting implemented?? This has so many upvotes... Are Discord devs even listening?

  • ItsZekrom

    I don't think so, Iffy. This thread has been sitting here for two years, they probably won't even consider implementing this for a long time, no matter how much we beg. Possibly if we made a petition on or something, they'd finally listen, but I have my doubts.

  • Connor.

    Hmmm at the current moment I have my methods for nonnbackgro7nd discord theme (just accent colors) I used substratum for android 8.1 with liv dark substratum theme and pitch black i also use synergy for android 9 and up and indeed liv dark and pitch black s theme it not only themes discord it theme any app you select if only i can send images

  • Megumin

    zek, i feel like this is a big reason why people stick with BD for so long, mainly for the themes, i feel like if discord added the ability to create/add themes, it would reduce the amount of people using BD, maybe not by a huge amount, but a decent amount

  • DivinityUnleashed

    Also if they do add this idea, they should make it free. Making it Nitro Exclusive is just not needed.

  • CatX

    Perhaps the most frustrating part about discords refusal to add theme support is that it would require barely any effort to do so. The app is already using CSS files, adding an easy settings menu to insert new CSS files would really not take much effort or time.
    There's clearly a lot of interest in this matter, so why hasn't discord done anything yet? It's been two years since this was posted..

  • c0d3rb0y

    omfg this a NEED

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸

    CatX, funny thing is, the existing themes are community provided, meaning discord doesn't even need to develop their own unless they really wanted to

  • Draconic NEO

    @Megumin I do think it would but Only if their free and users can create or use their own, If it were part of nitro There would still be an incentive to use BD, whether or not it's against terms of service.

  • Torp-ical Fish

    Discord could make themes free for everyone, but can only store up to three at a time.

    Storing more themes and potentially animated themes could be a nitro perk.

    I feel like this would enhance the user experience, and to make discord into a more personal experience, where everyone has some freedom in what kind of theme or backdrop they want. 

    I personally would love to see this feature being added, since it is basic css code.

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸

    "Discord could make themes free for everyone, but can only store up to three at a time.

    Storing more themes and potentially animated themes could be a nitro perk"

    I could kinda see this backfiring in the long run, wouldn't be fair for non nitro users to be restricted to 3 themes, using themes in general should be free, and have very little limits, granted they fall within discords ToS (also would give incentive for people to go back to bd if they have to pay to use more than 3 themes), animated themes being locked to nitro might work though

  • Torp-ical Fish

    I meant that you could only have three themes to switch around in the discord app, and you would have to remove them from the folder and switch them to another, like limit the total amount of themes on the actual app at once. But not have someone stop you from removing old ones and changing them out. But I agree, preferably, discord does not limit the amount of themes.

  • Cascade

    Torp-ical Fish @379570198352 

    idk why you want to limit themes, themes are stored locally, they are not stored on their end.
    animated themes? there are none of these its either css or css.

    they either allow us to modify discord without abusing their api or they implement a page where you can import css and list them in a toggle list.

  • Aggraith

    But you can do animations in css ive made my own themes before so. Its a bit complex but doable

  • razz

    Custom themes being allowed is an absolute must! Please please allow this. As much as I love the default dark theme, I'd love to have a custom background, font colors, and etc.

    This needs to be a thing. I already have a couple of great CSS files that would look amazing for my Server.

  • cj

    It has officially been 2 years with no staff response and at this point, no one is adding anything that has not already been said months earlier. Still interested, not loosing interest (even though I am unfollowing and taking my vote back), but also getting tired of the spam in my inbox, and I'd like to show my interest in other things.

  • Eric's Music Bot

    That's two of us, I've gotten over 150 emails for this topic alone.
    (A) Please don't post your opinion if someone else has said the same thing, just upvote their comment instead
    (B) It probably isn't happening guys. If you really want custom themes just write your own. Discord is an Electron app so modding it is super easy. There are numerous guides online for this sort of thing, and since it's client-side only, it's undetectable.

  • Mario Wumpus

    Just allow us to use Better Discord and then we will be fine


  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸

    Or, just let let us use custom themes already, without having to worry about bd exploits

  • Angela

    Please hear us ★★★ ☭ 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐡𝐨 ☭ ★★★ - So many people want this feature for custom themes. As of this writing, this has 10,857 upvotes. It would seem like a somewhat easy update to allow CSS themes. Please let us know if this is planned so people don't have to worry about using bots such as BetterDiscord that could get their accounts banned. Thank you!

  • Fusion (融合)

    pls add it

  • savdev

    It's been 2 years discord comone people don't wanna use better discord I know yall got this

  • Tuevon

    Oh yes please. Ability to have different UI other than the backgrounds as well would be cool, too. I'd love to have immersive setting to communicate in.

  • Karam

    I mean, this idea's prominence should be taken serious after seeing all the APIs and injection-tools used to make this thing a reality already. So many now use these tools to force these custom themes onto their Discord bg channel/UI, so, maybe time to analyze and interpret people's actions, Discord? Upvoted*


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