Wine support for Windows games on Linux (temporarily?)


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  • thief

    I feel like Discord isn't going to try in the least to get Linux support of any kind going any time soon. If they wanted to, they could have easily done so already; Discord is available for download on Linux and has been for a while, so they are obviously familiar with the operating system. It's more likely, in my opinion, that they see less of a need to bring in the user base on the Linux side because their main goal isn't widespread availability - it's profit. It's not impossible that the idea going through their head is something along the lines of "if they won't fork up $100 for an OS, why would they bother paying for games?"

  • Owlen

    The main reasons why I'm hopeful Discord would be open to supporting Linux:

    1. Linux is currently not really known for playing well with games, and discord having a 'gamer' audience, this would show that there are many games that can work on Linux (and in my case, better than windows!).
    2. Bring light to the major developments Wine and DXVK have seen recently (almost flawless support for windows games). People seeing that you're able to run windows games this well, perhaps game developers would see this, and offer official support via wine, steam play, etc.

    3. Would introduce more people to the Linux development scene. Thus, allowing more games, applications, and even current enhancements to be made later on! More-so than if they were never introduced.


    Sure Thief's statements may be true, but with this focused audience, maybe it'd be beneficial to the future of games and the internet as a whole?

  • Hans

    This would also be great to have on macOS. I play games in Wine all the time.

  • Ruth Arendse

    Thank you for bringing up the topic of Wine support for Windows games on Linux. It's indeed an area many in the community are keenly interested in. For those looking for updates or further information, you might find the "SASSA Status Check" useful. Check it out SASSA. Let's hope for more advancements in this area soon!


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