Notification Noises for Different Servers - iOS/Android


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  • Emilia Williams

    One possible solution would be to have customizable notification settings for each server. This would allow you to assign unique sounds, icons, or even custom text labels to different servers. Here's an example of how this feature could work:

    1. Notification Settings: Within your server or chat application, there could be a dedicated section for notification settings. Here, you could access and customize the notifications for individual servers.

    2. Server-specific Notifications: In the notification settings, you would be able to select a specific server and modify its notification preferences.

      a. Sound: You could choose a distinct sound or tone for each server. This would help you identify the server just by hearing the notification sound.

      b. Icon: You could assign unique icons or badges to each server. These icons could appear alongside the notifications, making it easier to identify the source at a glance.

      c. Custom Label: Additionally, you could assign custom text labels to each server. These labels would be displayed along with the notifications, providing clear identification.

    3. Default Settings: If you don't customize the notification settings for a particular server, the app could fall back to a default notification style that you've set as a general preference.

    By implementing these customizable notification settings, you would have more control over the visual and auditory cues associated with each server. This would allow you to differentiate between servers more easily and quickly, even when you're busy and receive multiple notifications.

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