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  • Andy29485

    I'm going to quote myself from https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030116852-APNG-support :
    The desktop client itself seems to support apngs. However, the server resizes images before embedding -- leaving only the first frame as the embedded image (instead of an animation).

    To clarify, I'm not asking for apng emojis or avatars, just embedded images.

    The devs really don't need to put it much work here(probably), they just need to sanitize their compression/resizing algorithm that happens server-side.

  • whitevelcro

    Because APNGs aren't fully supported, they can currently be used to hide content in the second frame of an image. So far I've only seen gnomes and jokes, but it could also be used to hide offensive content. This is another good reason to support APNGs better, to fix this problem.

  • Rubbercookie

    APNGs are nice and I like them. :3
    Would love to see them properly supported in Discord.

  • ImRock


  • Nazrin

    Yes, their image quality is far superior...

    GIF ~ https://ibb.co/t2pFH9n

    APNG ~ https://ibb.co/bs1P93Y

  • Charlie59876

    they used to support them. but the feature got removed for whatever reason

  • Dr. Saber

    Pretty sure it was removed because people were making apng emoticons and pfp without nitro.

  • Luke18033

    This needs more upvotes. There is absolutely zero reason we should still be regularly using the GIF format in 2019.

  • Rageoholic

    I would really appreciate having APNG support. It would make stuff way nicer to have animated files with transparency

  • Robyn

    absolutely agree

  • DarthStroyer

    In January the new version of Microsoft Edge will be release and every browser will support APNG. We could have high quality animated emojis and they would be supported everywhere. Here's hoping the Discord team can enable them soon.

  • ToxicMushroom

    bump, please add this <3

  • opelkorsek


  • nunobessa


    it's unbelievable that an awesome format like apng is not supported, quality wise, it's uncomparable.

  • Jas

    Please start supporting aPNGs once again, as far as I remember, aPNGs were disabled due to people using them in their profile pictures to get an animated profile icon without having Nitro, but this should just be disabled for profile picture and not entirely. aPNGs should be supported in file attachment in channels and embeds. It's sad that aPNG is not support when it's superior in every aspect compared to GIF.

  • Virus

    +1 Bump

  • apng support would be greatly appreciated

  • Luke18033

    To everyone here saying that APNGs aren't supported because they could be used to get free animated avatars: That was an oversight on Discord's part, not an inherent issue with the format. If support is added back they could easily have the same restrictions applied as GIFs, only being usable as a profile picture if you have Nitro.

  • glen3b

    I second this. While it seems Discord is reducing their level of support for the Linux client, adding APNG support would at least allow working around this issue where only PNGs can be copy-pasted into the client, meaning that there would be a way to paste animated content from the clipboard without going through the file uploader. Also, APNG is simply a more modern format.

    Wholehearted +1 from me.

  • rxy


  • yumi


  • Monkey


  • Sesam

    Fully agree with this.

    Gif compression is really horrible and outdated in this time.

  • HugoBDesigner

    I see no reason not to support APNGs in any platform. They're better than GIFs in almost every way. It's rather frustrating having to choose between GIF and MP4 when a lot of the times an APNG file would do the job much more neatly

  • bobaquail

    I agree. APNGs should be supported in Discord.

  • Auracle

    Been 2 years, where's my APNGs

  • MoLoToV

    Our server creates gifs automatically based on avatars and the quality is so bad because of this, please add APNG

  • Essem

    Bump, I am a bot developer and my bot generates GIFs for animated images. It's quite costly to generate many GIFs at once (both because of filesize and processing time) so it would be much more beneficial to use APNG files instead.

    EDIT: I have since backpedaled on this stance after learning more about the APNG format itself and how badly designed it actually is. I suggest that efforts are shifted towards AVIF, which is much better designed and already has support in Electron (and possibly React Native via a plugin).

  • Baguettery

    +1. gif file format is outdated.

  • Luke18033

    Discord has now started rolling out a sticker feature, similar to what you'd see in some other messaging apps. The easy way to implement high-quality animated stickers would be to make them APNGs (this is in fact the format Apple recommends for iMessage stickers). Instead, Discord has chosen to implement them as canvas elements, which are then manually drawn onto. I really don't know why Discord seems to be so against implementing this. Is there some internal reason why APNGs in Discord really just would not work?


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