Discord server statistics


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  • Equ

    Yes this would be awesome to have. Able to see how much users your server gained in the last 30 days etc would be awesome! Upvote.

  • SkiPidar

    Good idea, but i'm belive what this feature will be free.

  • Mees

    This would be extremely useful, even for the smaller servers. With statistics, you are able to improve your server. I would love to see this feature on Discord!

  • raychenviolin

    Yes please do that

  • skye / angel

    With the more recent implementation of Server Discovery for partnered servers, this would be extremely beneficial to see what and where exactly the issues are in regards to no longer meeting Discover's requirements to be listed. Being able to see the number of active users, which channels are the most active, the general retention rate, etc. would be a massive help in gauging what aspects of a server work and which ones don't.

  • Alex The Blue Class 45

    I hate that you need to use third-party sites or bots for this...

  • Jamon

    im down too see that

  • Huey

    This is an amazing idea! I mean they probably already have the data for it, so it should be straight forward.

  • MonkeyGein


    I was just wondering how our engagement has been in a server I admin and just seeing a graph of voice channel usage and new joins/left and a few other little things that’s be interesting to see.

  • Soranotsky

    I'd like to see what channels were used the most, when they were used the most, what time most users on the server were active and chatting, how many chats each channel is getting, and such. It'd make planning events in server easier, as we'd know the general time-frame of when the most users would be active, and the chat-analytics would help with pruning/merging servers, so that low-use channels can be removed entirely or merged with other low-use channels to keep down on clutter.

  • LordRaiden

    Would be fantastic to know where we are adding value by usage. Channel views, posts per channel, and even links clicked and documents downloaded.

  • CloudyMVA27

    hope discord would add demographics/statistics data for us to chek where our members came from and their gender as well


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