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  • sawayoshi



    math trivia: k = 1000, so if you're saying 2000k that actually means 2 million. just thought it might be helpful for you to know that

  • Amy de l'ABC

    Oh! *smacks forehead* I totally knew excuse is that I got a total of 1 hour of sleep last night XD Thanks for the correction!

  • Derbon

    @sawayoshi so if it's a technical thing why do they say the limit is "to be courteous". Like just say its a technical thing

  • Sola

    It would definitely be great to set custom character count limits on a per-channel basis. Just flat increasing it globally would be a catastrophe.

  • @Leotomas I use Markdown to format my posts and announcements on my server. If im constantly using ***___ TEXT ___*** for each heading, I am going to quickly eat through the character limit.

  • somebody

    @Leotomas Pastebin/Hastebin is a very bad idea. It's an external website, so you'll have to rely on both Discord and Pastebin to be up, not to mention if you accidentally set an expiry (not that most people would) the paste will be permanently gone. Plus, it's not like Discord can't handle that much data - as others have said, the limit is 8MB/50MB for files (i.e. 8 million characters/50 million) - admittedly long messages will make search much slower, so I'd say a good alternative is for Discord to automatically turn long messages into text file attachments - that way you can add a caption to make it easier to search, and Discord doesn't have to worry about a ton of text slowing down their search system

  • Bryce

    @somebody I think that auto creating a text file is a great idea. Or even making this text file creation thing a sort of separate but builtin thing (so people don’t wonder why their message suddenly became a text file) sort of like snippets from Slack but just markdown text that’s not editable later (or maybe it could be but I think that would be harder to implement). As long as these files can be read on all devices without downloading anything

  • thetechguy
    yeah the character limit is very annoything
  • EightBitUmbreon

    I would agree, however I believe this should be an option for servers to enable/disable. And for the limit in DMs, perhaps an option in settings?


    I can see this easily crashing a discord server if it's abused. Horrible idea honestly.

  • ! Galletita Oreo
    I think it would be a lack of control, anyway you can split the message into 2
  • meowfsy

    My main discord server has a great community and we use it for a living world Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We have many channels dedicated to roleplay which are used everyday. One thing that is really frustrating for a roleplayer, is the character limit.

    It would be really great if there were a character limit toggle in the server settings. I can see why the limit is useful, but as a server owner it makes me feel very frustrated that I can't remove or increase this limit. Especially since the limit is incredibly small.

    I'm really shocked this hasn't yet been looked at/implemented.

  • Daffy
    This would be dangerous to add, and unfortunately would likely be abused
  • undermaster.
    I hate this idea. They added this character limit for a reason. Every social media has a character limit. Would be abused if they increase it out tho
  • mch7

    I do a message of the Day on the server I Admin.  I regularly have to split my messages as they are like the daily paper every morning.  Not too ling but over 2,000 characters, couldn't you set it to Admins/Owers by default and let assign who can or what roles can?  That would be great.  Thanks.

  • Altarin

    Thats why i said set it only to channel settings. If you have annoucements/guides channel i highly doubt you want this channel to be publicaly writable. Which means only people with permissions can write there, just as they would anyway, but instead of 2 or 5 or more posts they could only write that one.

  • TechMaster85

    Add a permission that you can add to a role with certain character limits you choose.


  • mch7

    I'd love to but I'm not a Discord wizard, where is that permission?  Or how can I go about it?  Advice / Help appreciated.

  • Antigraviton

    As Derbon said, the point of the limit appears to be to enforce "being courteous."  For most Discord servers, focused on chat, that makes sense, and if I ran a writer's group (for instance), I would have people share drafts through Google Docs and just post links, rather than put the text of their drafts into the chat channels.

    However, people do seem to have legitimate reasons for needing or wanting to exceed the arbitrary 2000 character limit, and Discord can handle the data, so I support both having a longer default (5,000 or 10,000 - I'm often hitting that 2,000 character limit myself as an admin posting notices for my users) and allowing even longer per-post limits that can be set by the server administrators.  They know best what kind of chat should be allowed in their particular servers.



  • Cool Beans

    Agreed....this is 2019....not 1999. We don't use dial up anymore.

    We can exceed the old UUNet character limit without issue these days.

  • jn5ip9

    I don't think the 2000 char. limit should be abolished. There is a valid reason for it. If the 2K char limit was abolished, Discord's servers would inevitably crash due to the overwhelming data surge.

    Think of it this way: 1 character is at least 1 byte. An average message is probably around 30 to 500-ish bytes. If there wasn't a message length restriction, people could send over 64K byte long messages, which is a very large TCP packet. Ignoring the fact that Discord has to process & store these messages on their servers, the amount of data that would be sent to Discord would be overwhelming due to the fact that people could practically just DDOS Discord using very long messages.

    However, I do think that Discord should have a character limit indicator. Something that tells the user how close they are to filling up the maximum message length. Maybe it will show you a ratio, "100/2000 characters"

    I think that the message length indicator would be a good addition to Discord, but I don't think message length restrictions should be abolished at all.


  • Ein


    I'm surprised this still isn't a thing.
    The 2k character limit is extremely frustrating, more so when you're trying to make the post look anything decent while retaining the info you're sharing.
    While 200 for nicknames seems excessive for me, I won't complain, it would help others if not myself.
    The abuse is there, but like many have already suggested, then maybe it could be implemented as a permission, either way there are workarounds for it and it REALLY needs to be implemented.

    I run into the limit 24/7, hurts the most when you're typing on mobile since it deletes your message while giving you the limit message.

  • Diana™

    That is not really necessary. You can spit up the text for your server rules or whatever you want.

  • TrustyasHeck

    Yeah, thinking about it, it would be great if you could simply (instead of having a global increase) set it to be a certain character limit for certain server roles, for certain server channels, and in certain dms/group dms. Especially since that would allow server owners to edit it to make the post limit something that's reasonable to them, without having everyone have that issue of way too many people posting way too much at once.

    There's some really nice feedback on this so far, and I'm also surprised that this hasn't gotten more attention from the devs. It could probably be seen as a decent amount of work, but it would make a huge impact for a lot of users to be able to alter the character limit. The nickname limit-- that's far less important, and it's more of a fantasy since it'd be way more open to abuse. But I'm shocked there doesn't seem to be any discussion about the potential opening for selective increases in character limit, especially with the mobile issues.

  • Starhorse

    Please. The low character limit is super frustrating. 

  • _kud

    I switched from Slack to Discord because Slack sucks so much about code (syntax highlighting, etc).

    But since I'm on discord, I saw that there's a limit of 2000 characters which is way too low when you share some code.

    Please increase this size, thanks.

  • Conner
  • irkedhoe

    @Suspense thank you. I genuinely thought I was alone in this because it is so irritating

  • legamer66

    it's just you


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