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  • Boomer

    This definitely needs to be a thing!

  • Caduke

    Yeah I agree this needs to be a thing. Especially with the capability of the current VR overlay.


  • Phil_The_Burn

    VR support would be nice

  • grizeldi

    Been doing some searching, but couldn't find anything that displayed notifications in VR. So yeah, this needs to become a thing.

  • zaelu


  • Cubair

    omg bump, while windows mixed reality can do desktop overlay in vr, its not the best and a simple vr overlay would make life so much easier even more so if it was movable into a fixed location / transparent so i can still see who joined the channel without taking off my helmet :D

  • JuulH

    I know this is old, but please Discord, I'd love this.

  • Quick Tinker

    Vr is becoming more and more popular. This will eventually become a thing, its just a matter of when.

  • attndeficit

    Yes! would love to be able to interact with Discord while in VR.  Also would love it to STOP marking me as away/idle when I'm playing Half Life: Alyx all night long!  Do not wish to set DND in order to prevent the idle timer.  This should not be happening anyway, the computer certainly is not idle and is receiving input from the user.  But idc about that, VR discord overlay much more useful!

  • MA_Goblin

    Shameless bump for this feature. An overlay in VR showing who's talking and ability to switch channels would be awesome.

  • Robo Disko

    Went live playing a VR game for a friend to watch that had no mic, would have been cool if I could have seen his messages while playing.

  • Birb

    Don't know why this isn't already a thing +1

  • Meenmu

    Having a vr-specific overlay straight from discord would be a boon for me as I can't just use desktop mirroring due to hardware issues.

  • Lukee

    discord please do this

  • GreenMan36

    We need this!

  • Sandman


  • Ghostfire04

    Bumpity bump bump +1


  • Euzu

    I found this post by searching a VR (Oculus Rift) overlay for Discord on Google, please add this feature. I can only see messages with the actual Oculus feature but I can't type messages in-game.

  • BigChungus™



    Oculus home supports adding windows into your VR space, When you're ingame, open the oculus menu, Virtual desktop, then you grab the screen you want to pop out, so palm flat to discord, grip and pull back, it'll drop into your oculus space, place it where you want it, resize so you can read it, then use the pin feature to pin it to the experience.


    Blue pip at the bottom shows the Pin button


    and how it looks in pavlov VR for reference


  • sushing\

    hey dude  , 

    when im trying to add a windows it show me a BIG yellow "!" screen and not discord or chrome . 

    any idea?

  • BigChungus™

    My rift S is currently being RMA’d so I can’t make a video currently, drop me a Pm BigChungus™#5311
    Let me know what video you want and when my headset is back I’ll grab a rec for you

  • Spidey002

    I need this. Or a Discord app for WMR at least.

  • Yao Mitachi

    It would be best to use OpenXR for this, as it's a cross-platform open standard:



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