Discord Accessibility for blind users



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  • thetechguy
    accessibility is improving.
  • guicampos

    I agree with that. We have a group of 20 blind impaired players ( I manage a textual MMORPG) and only 2 or 3 manage to use discord, and with terrible user experience. They report mostly problem with labels just like OP said.

    Please correct it! Supporting blind people is fundamental!

  • Saturn

    Not to mention that an alt-text/image descriptions feature would also be incredibly helpful. For now we're just writing it all out under any images we link, but that makes our channels look really messy. If there was a way to add alt text when uploading an image that would be super helpful for our blind users.

  • Elshara Silverheart

    Even this page to post feedback in is 100% inaccessible to screen reader users. That's Discord for you.

    To add to this issue, since it already gets my vote, lets talk basics.

    1. When ever you look at discord tutorials and you see click on the ... symbols or gear icon to do anything, stop. Think about this. You have text labels for everything else, but pressing on icons alone is the only way to get to a menu.

    2. Imagine yourself looking at just text. Say that your computer can't process graphics of any kind. Now lets take a look at the technology behind which is used to display graphics. Because that will let you know even if you knew where the supposed empty space was where the graphics should be, whether or not it will do anything when you press it.

    3. Compare the two pages. One with graphics, and one without. See how well it works for you.

    Now lets talk reasons.

    1. Why Nitro is quickly becoming a requirement to do anything with Discord in the first place. All this hype about it sickens me, because it's becoming less usable for people who can't pay via credit card or pay pal.

    2. Why discord is becoming more codependent on people to club together just to unlock shared features. And, why any feature must become a codependency to be useful at all?

    I raise this last point to the screen reader users especially because Discord isn't developed by gamers. It's being managed by communists. This is clearly a communist concept, where you need so many people to stay together to enforce freedom of availability. Everyone knows that in a capitalist society, fairness relies on independent thought to make something valuable to anyone who can use it without much help. If anyone could benefit the most from this model, it's people who require their independence to function at all. This means that codependency or absolute dependency must be optional, not enforced for all that you offer. You can't offer enforced co dependency when what you are dependent on isn't available for everyone to just simply pick up and use right away.

    Providing accessible or should I say, land marks to roads you expect to be traveled often, with no signs attached, will leave you feeling lost in no time. Think about this from a competition standpoint. Before you can disqualify someone for not having any qualifications to use an object, you have to ensure they know what the object even is. Just like you would not leave a baby unattended, you would not leave your child uneducated. You would not build an app that perhaps, one day, your future or current children may need to use, but could not. Until you live it, you don't know what it's like for someone else to have to bare it.

    Discord is 4 years old now, and did you know that this level of service was made in the United States? You offer the app in many different languages to be used around the world, but you do not offer people to help you build a better Discord. Why is that? You offer an API, bots, plugins, and alternative clients. And yet, do not think that your own money you are making from Nitro could not go towards the development of asking skilled developers how to build something with independence in mind? That's what your country is all about with your republican president for a leader, right?

    Did you know that telegram was build in Dubai and is accessible? Did you know that Amino Apps, also built in the United States, just like Reddit, is accessible? Your competition is using independence to make a stand for people who care about their lives, and want to unite because of this basic human need. Perhaps down voting issues as a way of silent protest and leaving this one standing higher in the up votes will convince you that accessibility should be your secondary priority, the first being uptime and server maintenance to keep what you do have going strong.

    It is also clear to me, that there are a lot of illegal NSFW communities on discord which has also slipped your attention. Safety and security of your platform is your global responsibility to users, and any company who allows this to go unnoticed when it is required by law that it is even in your own country, may make this more clear. Users and people matter most, and when you provide a service, they are your first and foremost reason to remain a service. As such, you have a moral obligation to ensure that you have standards so that people are respected and connected better and with more reasons to stay with you, rather than against anyone because they have no means to be available to do so otherwise, when tools they rely on, don't work.

    The bottom line here, is that you're improving. But it may be too little, too late for others who still use Skype as a replacement. Consolidate your resources in ways that you can easily manage, and be sure to prioritize accordingly. Know your advantages, lookout for what ails you and reward the things that drive the least complaints and the most happiness from people.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

  • we build this cidy

    I am low vision and discord is often unusable. The contrast is poor, there is no alt text options, and on mobile it is impossible to use. It reads me everything except for what I need. Again, labels would be perfect, as would push to speak the message. Currently having to copy the message and put it in my notes to read it. Support ticket not much better. Somehow the text is not English text, and it makes me screen reader flip out.

  • vektot

    as with all things, sighted people do not understand that blind people can still “use computers” because they’re convinced the extent of this technology is a white stick therefore they get lazy and assume such a necessary update is a hardship! i really hope accessibility is taken more into focus soon, it’s extremely disappointing to see from a site frequently toted as the new IRC despite IRC actually being accessible to blind people

  • sprite pepsi

    Hey discord team please look at this!! These additions are not just helpful, they're necessary!

  • Mikado

    It's really sad to see that the discord team hasn't acknowledged this at all despite it being 9 months old and really important! Mostly commenting to bump this up, really hope they'll do something about it one day.

  • boomer

    horrible seein this shit from a wide-spread communication service, and that this' been known fer ages. discord really needs to get better accessibility up n kickin .

  • robin

    this is really sad to see. accessibility is incredibly important and discord needs to work on fixing this. discord isnt a new program and this shouldve been the biggest priority for them from the very start of creating it. now that its been out for so long it should be an even bigger one.

  • cos

    just commenting for the sake of more visible support: I hugely support this, accessibility is super important and I’d say this should’ve taken priority over the updates that have been rolling out recently. hint: if people can’t use your service, that’s an issue.

  • dan.iel

    I don't know what all Discord would have to do to implement screenreading, but if it isn't fairly simple then it's certainly at least feasible. There's clearly a great deal of potential users who would love to use Discord but can't due to accessibility issues like this one; there's no reason why steps shouldn't be taken to increase usability for all kinds of people.

  • Juniper

    there's really no excuse for discord to do this. the fact we as a community have to try and make accessibility "popular" enough to implement also sucks shit. do better discord 

  • alyx

    this is very important, discord is one of the most popular places for group chats and its not fair that blind people cant use it!

  • CoastCityCentral

    Please work on your accessibility features! All suggestions made here need to be picked up, but clearly labeling your buttons is so basic, at this point it's just lazy that this hasn't been done yet. Come on Discord!

  • rat hours

    discord has to be usable for blind people! make it accessible!

  • Lesbian Witch

    Sincerely hope they listen to this. People with disabilities have as much right to these sorts of services as those without disabilities

  • .Alpha

    This is a very important issue that Discord cannot let fade! If you wish for your program to service many different communities, then you have to accommodate people with vision impairments and other disabilities that benefit from screen readers!

  • flint

    I really hope this gets sorted out!

  • im just commenting so this thread has more activity. this needed to get done months ago, the fact it's still an issue is awful

  • youropinioniswrong

    Oh god, I had no idea this was a thing, I feel really bad about how frequently I use discord now... I'm hoping for all of you that something gets done about this, this shouldn't even be allowed in my opinion.

  • Gayyyyyyybriel ✨

    This is fundamental. Get it done Discord.

  • 9S

    discord needs to listen to their userbase, and not just the able bodied ones. 

  • fake gamer

    discord is such a big messaging platform and it’s really unacceptable that it’s been inaccessible to a large portion of people that use it to communicate with their friends/etc for so long, especially since discord has been silent about it despite this thread being posted months ago. i really hope this gets more attention and they finally listen and fix things

  • ThatDamnPipsqueak

    Discord has slowly become more responsive for my needs as a colorblind person, I can hope that they prioritize other forms of accessibility.

  • monkey

    I truly hope the Discord devs do something about this soon. You'd think they'd want as many people to use their product as possible, not turn them away.

  • nitrothundr

    Please do what you can to make your app more accessible discord it will go a long way

  • hawke

    This NEEDS to be addressed by discord.

  • Setjezusenu

    Accessibility is very important and I truly hope you give it the attention it deserves

  • D-Lulin

    That this suggestion was posted nine months ago and that nothing was done about it while you added a storefront, memes, sponsored ads, and more memes, speaks volume to how little you care about accessibility for low vision and blind users. Do better, please.


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