Google Chrome extension


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  • Starfield_9
    Only thing is that not only will you have people saying "Why didn't you support Firefox/Safari/Edge/Internet explorer/some other obscure browser" and considering that discord is game-focused, there isn't much that is online only that is serious gaming.
  • Griphen116

    This or also, a chrome OS application. Many people have chrome os laptops for on the go, and the only option on chrome os is to use the browser version, which is not as good as a dedicated desktop app for many reasons.

  • Blastoise186
    A Chrome Extension already exists for Discord, however it's only intended for enabling screen share capability within the web app. I'm not really sure a Chrome Extension would be able to do everything this suggestion refers to because of limits in the available permissions, Chrome Web Store policy and also user privacy - I'd also prefer that Chrome Extensions weren't running all the time and this sounds like something that would have to break out of my comfort zone.
  • Badger

    I had thought about this the other day, i was thinking just a live webpage that updates for everyone and follows cursors around, so you could see who is clicking what. Not a glorified screen share but its own browser everyone can view or manipulate at once.

  • SavageDoge14

    I have this extension called 'Ginger' and its so annoying. any 'mistake' i do it marks red and all of a sudden out of nowhere im typing in the middle of my sentence. but when i notice it, i use the forward arrow key but IT DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO GO. I try disabling it and it works but whenever i come back to that channel it always resets HELP


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