Would be cool if there was a way to make text that if you hover over a box appears with custom text!


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  • Tiredman

    I joined in Discord offical Discord server and received a message from Dyno and the message have this:
    My mouse pointer was hovering over the blue highlighted "#community-conduct" and then that black dialog pops up. 

    I really want to know how to make that so I immediately google'd for it and this page is the first link I clicked in the google results... ZERO COMMENTS??? oh lordy! 
    typed this and made the screenshot, attach it... then hold this website while i keep on searching for it so i can add the solution to this comment which will be your first comment, yay... yes I know I'm weird, let my mind roam free while under effect of this new medication. 

    based on my little puny research i've done lasted few minutes and my own idea added in-
    Solution-- Write a bot or webhook and give your name to it. so ppls might won't  know it was a bot but it's still you... 

    the solution for ME is ... **** it. g-nite y'all im submittin this, and going back on what i was doing before i got distracted with making this comment.


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