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  • PriZii

    If any one has discord 64 bit dm me pls

  • TechGuy

    Years later and still no 64 bit for windows? Come on y'all...

  • Clip 2

    Make both version a 32 bits and a 64 bits version. It's better start thinking on 64 bits version because many systems are abandoning 32 bits OS with that in mind, the last step to abandon 32 bits will possibly be not run 32 bits programs what will make discord unusable. 64 bits version helps a lot persons with PCs like that so please hear our voices and create a 64 bits version.

  • Racoocoo

    A 64-bit app needs to be released. Literally every development tool does it for them and by default. They just choose to go with 32-bit?? 

    Anyway, I saw someone say that React Native is only for iOS and Android. React Native Windows (and macOS) exists and is developed by Microsoft. Just wanted to put that out there.


  • pchc_lx

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E   x 6 4 

  • Chris..

    32 bits full of bugs! All softwres go to 64 bits why no discord?

  • k0l0r3k99

    Don't forget about ARM64! It's a big problem for devices like Surface Pro X and MacBook M1. On SPX you can use Discord app with emulation, which uses about x10 more CPU & power. Emulation is very slow.

    PS. There aren't MacOS 32-bit. Windows doesn't have 32-bit version of Windows 11, there is only ARM64 and AMD64.

    ARM64 feature request: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360054793351-Discord-for-Windows-10-ARM64

  • Cooper JX

    we are still waiting for a normal 64bits update discord... please for the love of god it will fix so much problems

  • drttalk


  • Digital Cheese

    How is this app still 32bit?

  • LucasSardant

    This thread really shows people have no idea about what they are talking about...

    1) Memory consumption of 64b programs is usually higher (although very slightly).

    2) Switching from 32b to 64b will not solve bugs.

    3) If Windows (note that I just talk about windows here) is 64 bits, it does not mean it can't run 32 bits program. No one is even thinking about abandoning 32 bits support (your processor still supports and has a 16 bits mode as of today).

    4) Although switching to 64b can improve performances, it is not always true. The code has to be optimized to take advantage of 64b. A lot of libs that discord uses might not take that advantage and even might not be available in 64b binaries.

    Is discord using more than 4GB of ram? No, so there is no need to extend the addressing space (which is what 64 does) to allow discord to use 17179869184GB (theoretically, as usually processor only allow less than 64 bits of addressing space, 52 is what is used on AMD64 arch).

    Now if we talk about PORTING discord to another ARCHITECTURE (like ARM) then I am all for it. But the debate on 32b vs 64b is useless.


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