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  • jet

    There's a lot of pros and cons to this one.

    I'd say something like this isn't a farfetch'd idea, but it's not something that is risk-free. There is a huge potential for abuse, and this would take some moderation on Discords end. 

    They've discussed, if briefly, possibly doing things like this but there is a lot of overhead to operating and maintaining something like this on a platform as big as Discord.

    Imagine adding a tool that let people share a virus with everyone, and you need to be able to delete that virus within minutes of it being added. That is the hoops Discord theoretically needs to jump through to make it work.

  • Farkas
    i feel like this could open up many diffrent types of security flaws.
  • moonlightcapital
    Well, I think add-ons would be a good idea, but they have to be approved by devs, and follow some strict guidelines
  • Blastoise186
    But what happens if I use a feature provided by one of those plug-ins which I purchased on the marketplace and post something it can handle in chat - but you haven't got that plug-in? Could this mean you cannot see what I'm trying to share? Having a marketplace and ecosystem for this stuff works fine in some areas - Discord Bots being a prime example over here. And they also work well with content management systems on websites since you can add functionality in one place and it's just there for everyone. But client-side add-ons for Discord? I'm not so confident on this because features mainly need to be available to everyone or no-one in some way.
  • hydra

    @Blastoise186 That's a great point, but I suspect there is a middle-ground there to mitigate that. Say, perhaps a core set of functions that don't change across the server, but the user experience may be different depending on how the user's client is setup. Perhaps when setting up, a dialog pop-ups up saying, "Hey there! Are you sure you want to configure this this way? Because it might just break something for you.".

    My points referenced more the topic of the client-side experience than cross-client compatibility. You've definitely raised something that should be dived into if such a marketplace was to come to fruition. Thanks for sharing!

  • Blastoise186

    A previous suggestion (which has now been merged into this one) was originally posted two weeks previously, but was swallowed by a bug.

  • Hurtz

    Very well written and an interesting idea - best compromise between bloat and features. Furthermore, about the problem of incompatibilities between clients - there is no clear solution in private chats, but specific features could be enabled, if the server owner owns the plugin, completely serverside so that all clients in that server, regardless of ownership of the plugin, could see the outcome of that plugin (without being able to use the plugin itself). 

    Alternatively, plugins COULD be sold on a per-server basis with client opt-in.

  • Lordmau5


    Well, there's a bunch of these, but I thought I'd make one with a proper explanation.

    Also, I posted this around a month ago and as you can see it barely got any traction to begin with... So you could say this one was also swallowed by a bug, hehe



    I'm not too sure how a per-server "plugin marketplace" could work out though... It's an interesting idea, but where would the money go to?

    Discord? The server owner? The plugin dev?

  • Hurtz


    To Discord and the plugin devs, yes. The server would be the customer - the server owner buying a plugin license to be allowed to deploy it to one of their server, after which each client of that server can opt in to the new features.

  • Bodopod's Alt

    I feel like something like this really needs to be in DiscordApp, but I feel like a community style plugins library could never happen as it is very much possible for malicious code to fit in a certain plugin, but I do think Discord could make some sort verified developer verification and let them make plugins, themes, ect. 

  • Fangur [Dro Mszrob]
    this what bot's are for you can make a lot of different things with them even game!
  • zt

    I get your point, I like the idea, but it would be easily abused, people could grab your token so easily, people would stop using discord.

  • donovan_dmc

    This would introduce massive security holes, things like Better Discord and other client mods do. All of which are specifically banned in the ToS.

  • Maj

    This needs editing...

  • donovan_dmc

    being on-topic would be nice


  • bastet_of_orion
    Being able to group together favourite channels is a fantastic idea, especially in large servers.
  • Cydramech

    This so much!

  • Enderstep67


  • Noxillio

    I think people are overlooking the fact that if this is implemented, it wouldn't be quite as difficult as people think for Discord to prevent abuse of it. Just restrict access to methods and things from the API. Make an Extension API or something.

  • Meowdy

    Maybe we could do it like the nitro game store where plugins have to be approved before getting added or something like that
    Also taking stock features from discord would also be really nice for lower-end devices or if you want a discord with less startup time.
    So basically just make the almost majority of features into plugins

  • DuhItzRik

    I think this idea would be amazing. It would give Discord's users the ability to customize their Discord experience the way they like it. And the security flaws that might come with it isn't something Discord can't handle. I would really like to see this feature being added to Discord!

  • masterwoohoo26

    If this is in Discord, and Discord is being responsable, i don't see how dangerous codes can get in. If this is not a foreign app such as BetterDiscord, then Discord can easily keep no no codes out. However, taking this way means that it will be harder to come by  plenty content if they undergo strict moderation. I think thats a sacrifice we can take.

  • Robere_Starkk

    One possibility is to outsource the plugins to a degree.

    Discord is built on Electron, which is built on Chromium.
    Theoretically, the Google Chrome App Store Majigger could be used as a Discord Plugin repo. I believe Google moderates these to some degree, and on the Discord side I'm sure it'd be possible to limit plugin access at the Chromium level.

    Similarly to how LibreOffice uses Firefox's App Store to host it's themes. You just copy the theme URL, paste it into a box in LibreOffice settings, and LibreOffice installs it from there as a plugin.

  • Sey

    There should be a verification proccess.


  • Dabi

    developers should be able to make google extensions and stuff but there is a verification process that completely scans everything and is also monitored by discord 24/7 plus it is not linked to your account only your discord page(s) and nothing else

  • sharko

    As long as Discord provides secure API for plugins there is no need for scanners. As a dev I would be happy enough if plugin Im installing is open sourced. Maybe Discord could just open websocket or HTTP API to provide hooks between local machine and Discord client and implement "in app" plugins as a second step.

  • JDJG

    I also wish that discord releases  more official clients or allows multiple users to tie in(basically a way to handle more than 100 guilds for users).

  • DankCoder

    As a developer, it would be a pain in the ass to wait 2 weeks for discord to review every release of my plugin


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