Multiple input and output


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  • M3rlin
    What are some of the benefits of this suggestion/how will it benefit the community?
  • Gaia

    Ah.. so. I use discord to play tabletop roleplay games, like D&D and shit. And recently I got into some text rp channels too, and I realized I never hear the notifications from discord. Like, never have before.
    That's because my main output is my headphone, witch I only use when I'm on an audio chat with people, on other times I use my speakers. I never changed my configurations because before my main use for discord was the audio chat, and I use that on previously assigned time only. 
    Now I want to text chat with people from other channels, and I always miss when they come talk to me because I hear no notifications.
    I don't want to have to change my configurations every time I start or finish an audio session. Multiple output for audio channels and notifications would definitely solve this problem.

  • HaydnEKing

    I agree! Official support for audio interfacing software and hardware would be top of the list if I had my way. It would allow you to output the notifications and voice however you wanted, and fix a bunch of other bugs related to audio for a lot of people. Voice calls are the core function of Discord and need to work as flawlessly as possible.

  • Korova

    Have the same problem. And in fact it is vary irritating while i am streaming/ Coz i dont want viewers to hear my convarsation in discord, i put it on headset output, but all other discord sounds (except voice chat) goes to default windows audio output.

  • epic_ziver_D

    Just a tip, try Voicemeeter (Software that lets you take multiple hardware inputs and software inputs and mix them to multiple “outputs” which can be used as an input to programs like discord

  • Marzi0

    I have a similar issue where all audio output goes directly to my speakers no matter what, I tried to change it via the settings but discord doesn't seem to actually change anything.

    In short I cannot speak to my friends since it is all sound blasting through my speakers.


  • ItsPyzen

    This'd be great, since I ordered a GoXLR for my mic and I play guitar with friends on my focusrite audio interface sometimes but wont' be able to anymore since the GoXLR doesn't have a port for it, it would be really cool if they added this!

  • elemenotic

    Would be great to have a 2nd set of input and outputs. Would minimize the need to futz with Apps like potato and use Virtual cables in a direct way. 

    I'm currently routing audio for my VTT the following way :

    APP (Syrinscape) --> VB-AudioCable --> EarTrumpet --> VTT (Foundry)

    While players use discord for Comms. 

    I've tried in the past having my secondary audio go through discord alongside my voice, but that gets a little choppy and cumbersome. It's definitely doable. However. its super nice to be able to separate these two. 


  • Tyrian869

    epic_ziver_D I'm doing that, but this causes latency, mixing two sources together, If discord let us input two channels we would not be adding anymore latency, using VM is great but adds small amount of latency.    

  • Tyrian869

    OBS Studio lets you input more then one source, If Discord could implement a similar system that would be awesome!

  • PilaScat

    My benefits will be using my yeti mic when I am on the pc, and when I leave for a moment use the wireless headset mic to continue talking to my friends

  • WarrenTheDoooood420

    Yeah! I play music every once and a while for my friends and I have to record my keyboard audio through my mic. i just want to be able to have multiple inputs so that I can use my keyboard and sing at the same time without discord merging the audio.


  • goldrogerffs

    Hey there, I'd love to see discord implement multiple input support; it would eliminate the need to use voicemeeter. For example I use voicemeeter to mix input from my mic and the input from my amp so that people can hear me and listen to me playing guitar or anything; me and my friends used to go the the pain of having to swap between inputs whenever someone wanted to say something. Voicemeeter alleviates that problem but does introduce other problems (sort off) but with native support for mixing multiple inputs it would cut the "middle man" and be a useful feature for many people which would make discord an even better platform. 

  • ekrekeler


    Where this would really shine is where Discord could apply the input filters like Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation to just one of the inputs, and leave the other input unfiltered. This would be desired if a second input was a musical instrument or soundboard. In the case of these, you do not want to filter the input because it will distort the sound.

    Right now I have to run two separate instances of Discord with two different accounts if I want to have filtering on one input while leaving the other unfiltered. Would be nice to make it so we don't need to do this.


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