Please add NDI Support to Discord


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  • Amaroq Softfur

    Okay, who keeps down-voting all of these? I swear, it's like everyone just automatically downvotes any post they see that's already got one dislike...

    I'd suggest sharing your thread with other people to get your vote count back up to neutral. You should also edit your post to provide some more information right off the bat.

    Now, I think the reason you got downvoted in the first place... privacy. Nobody wants their voice or video call being broadcast without their permission. If you want this thing to get accepted, it should require a mutual-consent sort of thing, and any time somebody is about to join, include a warning beforehand that the call they wish to join is being broadcast, allowing them to back out.

  • Dust Storm

    Skype has the ability now to do this and it gives the recipient on the far end to not allow video to be streamed via NDI. I think the privacy thing is an inflated issue, because you can just to a screen region capture and do the same thing in a more cumbersome manner. This is exactly the kind of feature I'm looking for to produce my podcast.

  • Zaepho

    NDI output for each Video/Audio call participant would be a huge boon for streamers as it can greatly simplify the capture of video and audio for multi-person streams by allowing each participant to act as their own individual video/audio source. 

  • PyroTech03

    Tie ndi source to discord username to make sources easier.

  • tibfox

    I would love to see this feature! As a content creator and colab host I would like to see this feature in near future. For now I will use skype for that task but discord is my fav - so please stay my fav and implement ndi routing. The suggestion of PyroTech03 sounds awesome!

  • Noctropolitan

    As a  fellow content creator, I totally agree. All of my collaborators live in different cities and if we want to play D&D in our stream, or do something similar this is very needed so we can uninstall skype once and for all. This has to happen.

  • Silvertree

    I switched to using NDI on Skype as soon as it became available - way better than capturing screen regions when streaming a group video call. Would very much like to have this option on Discord.

  • DarkElfLX

    This is the primary reason I don't consider Discord a viable alternative to Skype for any form of streaming video interactions at this point. getting Discord into OBS is messy, and it has no need to be.  Privacy and control options are plentiful and already solved for the use of NDI in a communications application. 

  • Pylawn

    Would be amazing to get this feature! This is literally the only reason I keep using Skype and would be so much easier to have everything just in Discord.

  • Cryston

    Was hoping that Discord already has this. Now I have to use skype for my streams...

  • smurph

    Definitely a needed feature to compete with Skype! Every time I want to stream with a few other people, we always have to switch to Skype since doing a screen region is a pain and causes all sorts of problems.

  • JustWeb

    In addition to receiving the camera as a video source it would be great to be able to receive screen/application sharing with audio for collaborative streams, recordings, interviews, and presentations.

  • Lix

    I'm using NDI with skype as long as Discord won't have NDI integration like Skype.

    I use it for Tabletop RPG live stream and youtube videos...


    Please note that users in the conversation MUST be notified that NDI is activated and from which user.

  • Matota

    This would be so helpful, further cementing Discord as a tool not only for conecting gamers, but for producing content for them and by them as well.

    I also agree that the security and privacy issues are to be taken very seriously, before rolling out this feature.


  • Zaepho

    To add to my original post, I would shell out for Nitro for this capability.

  • Bjack895

    I'm waiting for this to come from skype to discord for OBS 

  • PsychedelicSpectacular

    I would also like to see this

  • jdriddle

    Bumping this, as we need a better tool than Skype to support this feature set.

  • Rushmead

    Going to now update to say that even Microsoft Teams now supports outputting NDI, can we please get Discord up to the same standard as these other pieces of software! The content that could be made or improved with NDI in Discord is crazy!

  • unknowndomain

    @rushmead for the benefit of those excited about using NDI in Teams, it was litterally only just announced and is not available until next month, but the point remains.

  • karx

    For gamers, streaming, it would make a world of a difference.

    Plus, as of now, Skype does not provide support in  Linux system. Having this lib in electron seems like a really neat idea.

  • Ekka

    OMG Pls discord, pls!

  • IronPig

    It would be for sure a great improvement!
    Streaming a multi video call in OBS for example is a pain. All you can for nos is adding the Discord screen several times and crop them to fit into your OBS layout. If all of a suden somebody stop the cam or disconnect, Discord will rearrange the camera orders and mess up with your OBS layout.

  • Adal

    Please, please, please Dev Team consider this! I need so much!

    I'm forced to use that bag of bugs they call Skype both professionaly and for hobby on my streams.

    Beeing able to full switch to Discord and never have to see Skype again would make my dream come true.

  • Ray (Dinner and a Game)

    Yes this is so needed Skype is a resource hog and our discord is going to be a source of our live community.  We need this desperately


  • +1 for NDI support.
    I have tried window capture from Discord but to do that I have to disable hw rendering, which also seems to disable hw video compression causing my CPU to melt down.
    Using Skype instead purely for NDI for now :(

  • seanwom

    NDI is rapidly becoming a standard within the broadcasting industry, and many other apps are already implementing NDI support. Please don't get left behind with this and offer your users this feature soon!

    Even simply starting with NDI input for webcams would be incredibly well received.

  • Rusted Bucket

    Please add this! Pretty please?

  • Nfinity Athletic

    My life would be a million times better if Discord would hurry up and integrate NDI. This needs more upvotes! It's been 2 years!

  • PyroTech03

    Starting to think this just isn't happening...


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