Be able to reorder connections


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  • DarkHeraldMage

    What impact would it have to rearrange connections in your profile? It makes zero difference whatsoever if Twitter is 1st or 3rd.

  • Zacatero
    Good idea!!
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Hmmm.... An idea I liked.
  • FerretBomb

    I'd really like this; it's a major pain to have to disconnect all of your accounts then reconnect them, just to sort them so the most important ones are at the top.

  • FerretBomb

    As a content creator, I definitely want my most important connection accounts to be sorted at the top of the list, to make them more visible. The only way to do this at present is to disconnect each one, and connect it again in the order you want it shown. Which is a massive hassle for no good reason, when a drag-and-drop move system (similar to how you can do with servers!) would be far more convenient. Especially if you add a new account later that you want maximum visibility on.

    It makes a HUGE difference if Twitter is on your top four (visible without scrolling) or below the 'fold' in fifth and beyond. Having any of those four taken up by a service you rarely use is extremely frustrating, especially when the only other option is to go through and re-connect EVERYTHING ELSE again.

  • fiasco

    Yes! Need this!

  • thetechguy
    good idea
  • koneko
    Yeah I agree, it's a hassle to have to reconnect my accounts to order them how I want them to be
  • sniperANKUR

    Discord is not connnecting

  • Adventure Snivy

    They just changed the order. I liked it a lot better when my YouTube displayed first. I hope they allow us to change the order of connections.

  • Admin

    Please add custom connection reordering !!


  • jomspoons

    I'd also very much appreciate this feature, I'd like to have my YouTube channel as the first thing people see

  • Flip

    Deffo need this +1

  • - ̗̀ Nomadical ̖́-

    Yes please! +1


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