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  • outsidefactor

    The complete lack of spellchecking was insulting when this thread was first created. Over a year later and it has now become a sick joke.

    I will not be renewing Nitro, and I have reached out to other people that are boosting their servers and they are doing the same.

    We tried positive reinforcement and it didn't work. Now it's time for the stick.

    Everyone, please begin discussing this on your servers. Point it out. Link to this thread. If Discord won't do the right thing because they should we have to make them.

  • Xunnamius

    A friend and I already downgraded to Nitro classic. Doesn't even give the free server boost anymore. And now I can't even get basic features now that I've switched to Linux? What am I even paying for? Perhaps we'll just cancel our subscriptions entirely.

  • aidanhasaknife

    What the hell?

    Seriously, how is this now a thing yet?

  • Amelia (Mia)

    This has gotten ridiculous.

    How is it not implemented yet, especially since it seems to already have a spellchecker included in its framework.

    Dear Discord Overlords,


    would you please show your Linux users some kindness and just get spell checking to work? Like, we appreciate all the features we don't use but we would really like red squiggly lines indicating the fall of our argument.


    a dirty peasant <3

  • Shadow_8472

    Between this and the new UI for mobile, I'm starting to wonder if there are any FOSS alternatives we could promote.

  • Sutima

    there is always matrix.org/riot.im
    I use it in parallel with discord, and I've thinking of making a swap recently.
    you can easily bridge rooms with a bot so that's nice.
    Discord have already said with their silence that they doesn't want us.

  • Gordon

    Re: Riot, sorry to burst your bubble, but the native client there also doesn't currently have spell check :(

    ( and the channel/server interface breakdown for chat groups isn't nearly as nice )

    I run my own federated server, so I'm a fan. It just still has got a way to go polish wise.

  • Sutima

    No bubble is bursted here, Riot is only one of the applications to connect to matrix, and its opensource so there is that.
    Discord is built on opensource project but discord itself is closed, which sucks ass.

    With matrix you can at least modify or build on it to you liking.

    And yea i agree, it has much to do until its as smooth as discord, but at least its a solid alternative.

    My point was only that there are opensource options out there :P Not trying to convert anyone.

    I'd prefer if they simply fucking added spellcheck to linux!!

  • techninja

    There's a plugin for BetterDiscord that enables it here https://betterdiscordlibrary.com/plugins/Spell%20Check
    It says it enables spellcheck in all boxes, but it makes it work on linux as well. It is a bit buggy but might be worth trying out...

  • Baston

    Please do not do this as better discord has vulnrabilitiys in it and its current build is failing.


    "There's a plugin for BetterDiscord that enables it here https://betterdiscordlibrary.com/plugins/Spell%20Check
    It says it enables spellcheck in all boxes, but it makes it work on linux as well. It is a bit buggy but might be worth  trying out..."


    We should get something as simple as spell checking from discord staff. If you get this in an email please email discord because if enough of us piss them off they will do it

  • Draconicrose

    The feature parity and linux support were the original reasons I switched from Skype to Discord and brought my friends along with me. The last few years have been increasingly disappointing. Maybe some other app will come along and do to Discord what Discord did to Skype.

  • Shikaku

    Considering spellcheck would be easily installable on Linux since all the popular web browsers come with one, and that it would take 5 minutes to enable software that already works on Linux, I really don't think they care either.

    Please just enable spellcheck.  It wouldn't be difficult, and even if it had errors we'd even fix it too.

  • /home/ioangogo

    So i posted a thread on the subreddit and got a response. Spellcheck should be avalible once discord is based on Electron 9 that provides the chrome spellcheck API that should work on linux 

  • I also myself as a 21 year old who has gamed from a child up until an adult would greatly benefit to have a Linux spell check in the Linux electron application since chromium on gnu/Linux already has the feature electron is simply a full chromium session web application. I've supported discord since late 2016/early 2017 and have moved from windows to Linux and macOS mostly but whenever I happen to use a discord partnered OS like Ubuntu I find the lack of spell chat in discussions with other users to be a very negative issue. Discord I would be grateful if you developer staff would look into this issue in the near future.

  • kyuunex

    GOOD NEWS! It is here! At the time of posting, it works on Canary only.

  • Gordon

    I'll believe it as soon as my client updates and shows the squiggly red lines :P

  • BlandManChan

    I switched to using discord in the browser which is nice since now I can take advantage of all the browser extensions as well as SimpleDiscordCrypt for ease of sending encrypted messages.  It's way better with the only disadvantage being no universal push to talk but who needs that these days.

  • Haru

    Yeah it's working for me on canary 61440 since they've updated to electron 9

  • Kreezxil

    There's another option that hardly anyone has considered.

    BetterDiscord also known as Bandaged Discord which has support for 79 plugins now to force Discord to be more likable by you. 

    https://betterdiscordlibrary.com/ <--- to see what you can add.

    I'm on Manjaro KDE Linux and just added it and and spell checker plugin, now I got my red squiggles again in the app not the browser. So happy now to have the computer remind me of how bad I am at spelling. :)

  • ELi

    If you are on Arch Linux this AUR version of discord has spell check. It uses a system wide install of electron vs the one bundled with discord which for whatever reason has spell check!



    You can also read more about it here which might help people not on arch linux https://www.reddit.com/r/swaywm/comments/hdim0o/discord_and_many_other_electron_apps_running/

  • Prof93

    Add me to the list of people that would like this to become a thing. In the normal Discord client. I use Pop OS if that makes any odds.

  • Bab

    Still no spellcheck for linux native clients. Discord continues to disappoint with its lack of very basic features.

  • kyuunex

    just a reminder that you can use Discord Canary to have a spellchecker. I've been using it for 2 months and it is stable enough for me.

    you can get it through here

    deb (debian, ubuntu, pop, mint and etc) https://discord.com/api/download/canary?platform=linux

    tar.gz (literally any x64 distro) https://discord.com/api/download/canary?platform=linux&format=tar.gz

  • Rodrigo

    I can confirm what kyuunex said.

    Even though its not the best option still good that we get it!

    Thank you!

  • InfiniteVortex

    Still no spellcheck in the stable release. The fact that it's in the canary version is good, but it's taking far too long to add it to the stable client. There's literally already available spellcheck APIs for Linux! They are taking way too long to add this basic feature. 

  • outsidefactor

    OK, so discord_arch_electron works wonders on Arch and Manjaro. It's great to see the community racing ahead, but it's frustrating to see how easy it was for the community to patch. I wish the Discord team would stop eating paste and either release an official "Systemwide Electron" build or finally package a modern version of electron with their own junk.

    Anyone have a method for Fedora? A method other than installing Canary or Better Discord?

    I like the Arch/Manjaro solution because it is inline through the community repos. So it means it's kept up to date by yay.

    It would be great if there was an Electron Discord repo that allowed the install and maintenance of an Electron patched version of Discord that was maintainable through dnf.

  • Elevatorman

    ik this is old but cmon we needz spelcheck on linux.

  • attndeficit

    I've been a nitro member for a while, several server boosts... linux user... let's see some spell check, this is actually pretty lazy on your part tbph...

  • d4n3sh

    The canary build for Linux has spell-check now

  • Cosmic Nomad

    It's been a part of the Canary build for a while now and that's what I've been using to actually have spellcheck. It's a joke that it's not in the main client after all this time. I don't even see it making it past the Canary build for another 6 months.


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