Bulk Actions


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  • Kyru

    Up for this post. 

  • Akau

    This can be done by a bot, but this might be better since we don't have to write a command to delete few messages.

  • EpicPix

    discord add it pls

  • LinsaFTW

    Yeah, this could be implemented with the folder system to make bulk actions in entire folders.

  • ♤alan♤

    I think this would be a great idea. As of now, I am not sure if you can bulk sync permissions in a category. That would be such a great help and cut down the amount of time spent going through each channel in order to make sure the change I did takes effect in all the channels. I'm thinking, it's not automatic- it could be as if you press 'sync all channels' and 'sync all except xx' or 'sync (select channels from a list)'

  • Stagmattica

    I need a way to assign one role to 50+ members at once and that isn't currently possible, sadly.

  • TheRubyJailCell

    I need this, I have an old server with too many channels, but a bunch that I want to keep, and it'd be really good if I could selete the unused channels all to be deleted

  • ShipmasterKyle

    Bulk Actions should also support deleting all the channels under a category. It's so annoying when I have to delete each channel one by one.

  • dustii

    This feature is a must have! For example, revamping servers to run cleaner etc... you can remove roles from everyone or select people at once, add roles, you can select multiple channels to move then, sync certain ones at once, or even change permissions for specific or all channels at once- it would be such a time-saver and saves lots and lots of individual clicks. We need this!!

  • Blackie

    Why is there a dog what has my name?


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