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  • Permanently deleted user

    I love that idea, but idk if anyone will look there too. Its something people don't/won't want to read sometimes due to the fact that they do not want to read something, so they can claim innocence on stuff, unfortunately. 

  • Gaijin

    or having a settings for it, using discord for work is really convenient, but people usually miss the pinned notes or can't find it. having it somewhere where people usually look at can be helpful.


  • bastet_of_orion
    I agree that the channel topic text is often overlooked, but I'm not sure this would clarify the situation better, because as jedi3 mentioned, people could always ignore it and claim they didn't see it. Doing this might also take up valuable real estate when it comes to viewing messages in the channel, and it might not translate well on mobile.
  • Sonic.exe



  • mparkook

    I have made a new server with a welcome channel that has a few paragraphs in the Edit>topic. Unfortunately when I view the welcome page it shows my welcome message all in one long line on my macbook, and on my mobile it shows nothing at all, all it shows a page with the following message:

    welcome to #welcome-🤗
    welcome to #welcome-🤗

    But on both laptop and mobile when I click on top of the page at welcome, it takes me to another page with my message nicely.

    Can you please keep it simple and just keep everything on the first page and remove the - for every space in the cat/channels titles?


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