Hide connections for blocked people


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  • Permanently deleted user
    This would help out a few of my friends who get cyber bullied a lot because he is so open. He tries blocking but then gets harassed by said bullies if he even links up one social media account of his, on that other social media platform. I really hope this gets implemented soon.
  • Professor !

    Yeah, it’s a really important one. Hopefully your friend can eventually roam discord and his social media’s safely again.

  • Zacatero
    Agreed. This should happen if it isn't already.
  • pacblinky
  • nova1253

    To add to this, could you add the ability to make connections only visible to friends?

  • nova1253

    I want the ability to do both.

  • Ghostwolf
    This is actually a good idea.
  • (N)

    This seems like only logical way blocking users should work. Is this still not a thing now?

  • SavvyLoves

    I would really really like this. I want blocking to completely cut them off from me, I don't want them trying to contact me on other platforms or seeing when I stream. Being able to set connections only visible to friends or just remove blocked users ability to see your connections would help me feel more comfortable and safe on the platform. It sucks to have to turn off connections on your profile just because of 1 person. Anyways thank you for reading <3


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